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“Empower yourself at Xtreme Lashes Academy. Enroll in a training and certification program that will motivate, inspire, and build on your passion for beauty to help you achieve a rewarding and profitable career!” – Jo Mousselli RN, Co-Founder, President & CEO

The Xtreme Lashes Academy training curriculum is a comprehensive program combining rigorous instruction and hands-on application with 360-Business Training. Step into a dynamic, results-driven, and student-focused environment where your talents, skills, and love for beauty will be maximized to the fullest!

Xtreme Lashes

Balancing comprehensive demonstration with intensive hands-on training, this in-depth and accelerated curriculum offers education centered on building confidence and correct application skills. In addition to application training, you will receive extensive business development, retail product, and inventory management training to maximize your earning potential!

Your Total Investment: $3995*
Training Price: $3,400
Business Development Kit: $595

*Payment plans available. Please call Xtreme Lashes Customer Service at 1-877-244-5274 for details.

Why Enroll?
  • Get Technical Edge - Capitalize on having 8 full days with your trainer, the latter 6 of which will be application-intensive hands-on training where you will receive extensive support and feedback on your technique. This invaluable practice will build your application confidence and knowledge to truly give you that technical edge right away.

  • Get on the Fastest Track to Certification - Opportunity to become Certified after only 8 days! At the Academy, you will work closely with your trainer each day to refine your technique to meet Certification objectives.

  • Get 360-Business Training - Receive training on business and inventory management and retail product education to maximize your clients’ satisfaction and create long-term profits for your business.

  • Get Promoted by Xtreme Lashes - More than just a training program, this business building opportunity offers graduates Xtreme Lashes Academy Certification and a business listing on the #1 visited eyelash extension website in the world, www.xtremelashes.com, upon successful completion of the curriculum and meeting certification requirements.
Xtreme Lashes
HIT THE GROUND RUNNING with technical edge, business and product know-how, and essential start-up supplies to get you on a fast-track to reaching your personal and financial goals! Enroll in Xtreme Lashes Academy today.

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Getting There & More

Xtreme Lashes has negotiated excellent hotel rates for our out of town students. In addition, the hotels and many economical restaurants are within an easy walk to the Academy, so a rental car is not necessary. The Academy starts on a Sunday and ends on the following Sunday. Out of town students typically fly into Sacramento International Airport on the Saturday before the Academy starts and take the shuttle (or taxi) to the hotel. The Academy concludes at 4:00 pm on a Sunday, so students can usually schedule their return flight on that Sunday and be back at work on Monday after the conclusion of the program. The Academy is designed to allow the typical worker to attend and miss only one week from work or their other day-to-day endeavors. If you can take a week off and want to jump start your career as a Certified Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist, the Academy is for you!

Training Refund Policy

When you reserve a Training Program with Xtreme Lashes® a seat will be held for you in a specified class and is then unavailable to other interested students. Each Training Program is planned in detail to accommodate a specific number of students by arranging for supplies and ensuring adequate partners are available. In order to cover the costs of modifying these arrangements due to Cancellations and Rescheduling, non-refundable cancellation and rescheduling fees will apply. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions for complete details.
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