January 2011 Lash Stylist of the Month

Cynthia Uzzolino

“Pour passion into everything we do.” It’s one of the Xtreme Lashes core values and one that Directory Certified Lash Stylist Cynthia Uzzolino exemplifies to perfection. Cynthia, a native of New York, grew up with an Xtreme passion for beauty. As a young child she was obsessed with makeup, sneaking cosmetics from her mother’s supply. As an adult, she has pursued a career in beauty with equal obsession.

In 2003, Cynthia attended the Paul Mitchell School in Utah for professional training in makeup artistry. “I loved the skin & beauty aspect of it,” she says. During her training, she entered a sample of her work in an Ultimate Face Cosmetics contest and took home the First Place prize for makeup artistry in their national competition, proving to herself and others that she had the skills to turn her passion into a full-time career. “That really gave me the push and let me know I’m supposed to be doing this,” she explains.

Shortly after graduation, Cynthia returned to her home state of New York and started working full time in a local salon. Her first introduction to eyelash extensions came as the result of a brief on the job training. She was given a crash course in “how to” and sent off to work on clients. “I hated it at first,” she says, “because they barely trained me before I had to actually work on a client.”

Her passion for lashing grew as her experience did and she was soon looking at eyelash extensions as the staple service for her business. Cynthia wanted to really do lashes the right way, though if she was going to expand it as a service. In July of 2010 she contacted Xtreme Lashes to inquire about professional eyelash extension training. “I chose Xtreme Lashes,” Cynthia explains, “because I knew all along that they were the number one company to go to and that I would eventually want to join them. I love the look of the brand, the quality of the product line and I LOVE that Jo Mousselli stands behind the products and puts her name on everything.

When Cynthia showed up for her August 2010 training, she tells us she was a sponge, soaking up all of the information her Xtreme Lashes trainer was sharing with her. “It literally changed the way I provide the service to my clients. I had all of these bad habits and I felt like what I had been doing with lashes up to that training was more of a disservice to my clients due to inferior adhesives and technique.”

Eager for more, Cynthia returned to Xtreme Lashes a short three months later for her Certification training. She admits to being a bit nervous about the time limit for the Certification testing but says she thought about something she heard Jo Mousselli say, “Accuracy is more important than speed.” She concentrated on perfection of technique and in the end, received not only her Certification but Directory approval as well.

Cynthia’s passion for lashing and perfection of technique was evident to everyone at Xtreme Lashes from the moment she joined our Xtended family. A vocal social media maven, you’ll constantly find Cynthia talking about her love of lashes all over Twitter and Facebook under her business name, Cynful Lashes. She’s also passionate about using her lashing talent to help others and participates in numerous charity ventures, with one of her top passions being Pitbull Centerfolds. “I try to give back as much as I can because I feel like I’ve been blessed so much,” she says. The non-profit organization is devoted to changing the stereotypes about the Pitbull breed. Cynthia recently donated both her makeup and eyelash extension services for their 2011 charity calendar photoshoot.

For the time being, Cynthia performs the majority of her services as a mobile stylist, travelling to wherever her clients need her to be. Occasionally she also sees select clients in a private room at the New York home she shares with her 4 cats, 1 Pitbull, 2 sons and an incredibly supportive husband. “I do plan to open a location in the future,” she says, “so I’m keeping my eye out for a spot in Manhattan that suits me.”

When asked why Cynthia has such overwhelming passion for what she does, her simple explanation was, “It’s not even work to me. I love what I do. I love to enhance a person’s natural beauty. Women are beautiful creatures and helping any woman find a touch of added extra confidence makes me feel really good.” She extends the same advice she follows to others interested in pursuing whatever their dream may be: “Let your passion be your guide.”



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