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X50 Webinar


For clients that want fuss-free and high-impact lashes, X50 is definitely the curvature to try! One of the best things about the X50 lashes is that you don’t necessarily need drastically longer lengths or very thick lashes to create that instant eye lift – this makes for a much more comfortable daily experience for some (especially those with glasses). Many types of clients and eye shapes can benefit from this amazing curvature, but here’s one type of client who we think you should look out for and introduce X50s to.

You may have come across some Asian clients who possess what is called “single fold” eyelids with lashes that are downward pointing and often almost appearing straight. Double eyelid surgery is a very popular cosmetic procedure for many Asian women (and men!)  with single fold eyelids to give them a more lifted look. However, with the right set of lashes that are applied correctly, the option to go under the knife could be easily avoided.

Asian lashes are often thin and sparse. Using X50 lashes in Thin can be a perfect choice, as they are more accommodating for this lash type, but definitely not at the sacrifice of eye-stopping drama. If your client prefers a slightly more natural-looking, but still lifted look, blending X50s and X40s together can also be ideal. By assessing your client’s eyes and needs thoroughly, in addition to being able to offer her a unique solution and design for her eye shape, it will definitely set you apart as a Stylist and keep her coming back for more.

X50s must be applied correctly, though. Due to their dramatic curvature, X50 lashes have less surface area to adhere to a natural lash than other curvatures (which can result in quicker than normal lash loss if applied incorrectly). We would also advise you to practice on your Charlene (mannequin) and move onto friends and family as your skills progress. Be sure to watch the X50 Webinar if you haven’t had the chance to yet. It details proper pickup techniques to ensure that your practice session starts off perfect - because perfect practice, makes perfect!

For more information and hands on training specific to X50 curvature eyelashes, be sure to ask your Customer Service rep about the Advanced Training Program. Not only will you get training on X50s, you’ll also learn a host of helpful (newly developed) techniques, such as Eye Shape Correction, Bridging (for lash gaps), how to effectively mix curvatures, and much more to enhance your lash extensions business!

NEW VIDEO: Long Lasting Brow Pen Simplified!

Using the Long Lasting Brow Pen just got simpler! Visit the Xtreme Lashes Online Education page to view a NEW demo video on how to use the Long Lasting Brow Pen to achieve flawless, natural-looking brows, with color that lasts all day. What you may be interested to learn is the Long Lasting Brow Pen in Deep is not merely limited to ladies with darker skin tones or hair color.

Watch The Video

This unique formula and color can be used for Blondes and those with lighter skin tone as well – making it quite a universal shade! Not yet convinced? Watch the video to find out more, in addition to easy application techniques that you can use and demo on your client after her lash appointment. It’s not to be missed!

Watch The New Brow Pen Video...

Retailing Really Boosts Your Bottom Line!

Lash applications can certainly be lucrative for your business but you're missing out on tons of potential income if you're not retailing, too.

Here's what a few Directory Certified Lash Stylists have said about the retailing side of their business:

Retail Products

"...retail has been about 15% of my business! I have some people that aren't lash clients but will come in just for GlideLiner."
- Jason Hill, Tranquility Lashes in San Diego, CA

"I started retailing and the products are selling like crazy. I'm not a sales person but they are selling themselves!"
- Emily Witham, Em-azing Lashes in Fresno, CA

"We really make use of the GlideLiner gift sets. We sell buckets of them, not just to our lash clients, but to everyone. The retail sales add a lot to the bottom line. The clients benefit and so do I."
- Kristin Bates, Gobare in Worcester, MA

"My income has more than tripled my income behind the styling chair! The products are so easy to retail because they work!"
- Latoya Turner, Eye Deux, Virginia Beach, VA

"...retail sales add a lot to the bottom line. I believe in the products I carry and when you believe in the things you sell, I think clients sense that and trust it. They're investing money in their lashes and the right products are insurance."
- Jeffrey Steibel, Style Eyes in Atlanta, GA

As Kristin and Jeffrey stated above, it's important to remember you're not just selling products when it comes to your lash clients. You're provided them with the right tools to protect their investment in your services! When presenting products to your clients, be sure to stress this angle!

If you're not retailing yet, NOW is the time! Take advantage of this week's special and get started today!

Spring Wink: Limited Edition Color Lash Kits Now Available!

The warm breeze is sure to bring colorful inspiration to lash design!

Begin your exploration into color by trying out our Limited Edition Color Lash Kits – preselected lash lengths and colors, coupled with an easy to follow design guide.

View The Kits

Developed to look natural and complement all eye colors, the Iced Coffee and Ocean Sunshine kits were inspired by the Spring 2012 Pantone Color Report – the industry authority on color trends straight from the runways.

Why should you experiment with color lashes? Leatrice Eiseman, executive director from the Pantone Color Institute® says it best, "Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day. They have learned how color can help them alter a mood and provide the vitality and enthusiasm that enables them to experiment with new looks and color combinations."

With soft brown tones in Iced Coffee and vivid blues in Ocean Sunshine, you’re sure to brighten up your client’s day with every wink. Showcase and promote your color lashing skills this Spring and Summer with these easy designs. As a tip, recommend to your client either the Length & Volume or Volumizing Mascara for days that black lashes need to make a brief comeback. With color lashes and the right lash compatible mascara, it’s a perfect way to achieve two looks with one set of lashes this season!

View The Limited Edition Color Lash Kits...

Hot Happenings On The Xtreme Lashes Blog!

Are you subscribed to the Xtreme Lashes blog RSS feed? If not, you're missing some great info! Here's what we posted last week:

Read Our Latest Posts
Commenting on the Xtreme Lashes Blog can help you drive MORE business to you! The Xtreme Lashes Blog is very end-consumer focused. You have the option to put in a website address when you post any comments to the blog and add a photo icon. If you do so and someone clicks on your name in your comment, they will be taken to your website! It pays to be an active participant!

Raya Schwartz, Santa Fe, NM

Editor's Note: I have to preface this month's feature by saying Raya sent in the most engaging bio about herself when applying to be considered for a Featured Stylist. Her passion and enthusiasm flew off the page and I couldn't help but smile while reading it. So, thank you and congratulations, Raya!

When you know what you want, you just go after it! That seems to be the motto for Santa Fe, New Mexico native Raya Schwartz. In just a short amount of time, this young woman has accomplished amazing things and the stage is set for her future to only get better and brighter.

Featured Stylist

Raya has always been interested in esthetics due to her own personal struggles with problem skin. During her senior year of high school, she enrolled in night classes to get a head start on her future career. “I knew that was the career I wanted and I did not have the patience to wait,” she says. She graduated from both high school and esthetics school simultaneously, then moved to Los Angeles, CA to gain experience in one of the country’s biggest beauty cities.

After working in several spas and makeup centers, Raya returned home to New Mexico to build a future in her home state. Raya’s first experience with eyelash extensions was a personal one. She had them applied by Xtreme Lashes Stylist Paula Hill for a trip to Las Vegas and the IECSC beauty convention. Six months later, she will still heading in for fills. “Addicted? Definitely! The lash extensions really just made my everyday life more a little more glamorous and fun,” Raya says.

After talking to Paula a bit more about Xtreme Lashes, Raya realized she wanted to do more than have eyelash extensions – she wanted to DO them! “I wanted to make people feel the way I felt every time I walked out of her door!” Unable to wait for the next New Mexico training, Raya signed up the next day for a December 2011 Xtreme Lashes Training Program in San Diego.

After the class, she went home, set up a table in her apartment and went straight to work; practiced putting lashes on all her “more than willing” friends. “I worked all day and would come home and lash sometimes until 1:00am! I loved the quote [from Jo Mousselli] ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ so even when I was frustrated I would not rush and the first couple sets took me around 5 hours!”

By the next month Raya had quit her job at a local waxing studio and rented a room in a spray tan boutique. Her new business, inside Glow Spray Tan Boutique, has only been open for 3 months but she says she is already fully booked with lash clients! “I didn't use any paid advertising; you put lashes on one person and their friends are calling you the next day! I try hard to put the integrity into my work as I know the company puts into everything they do for us and the clients! And let me tell you I am a Sephora junkie and I have NEVER found a better eyeliner than Xtreme's GlideLiner! There is no competition!”

Raya achieved her Directory Certification in March 2012 and plans to return for Advanced Training over the summer. She hopes to be able to open her own freestanding lash and beauty studio in the next couple of years. “I know no matter where I want to live I will be successful offering Xtreme Lashes! I am so lucky to be 22 and have an amazing career, where I am my own boss, make a great income, and most importantly I get to make women feel gorgeous everyday! Life is good thanks to Xtreme lashes!”
Her clients agree that life is good – thanks to Raya and her amazing work!

"Raya is the best beautician in New Mexico!! You won't regret a day trip to this boutique!"
- Glenna B.

Raya is the lash stylist behind author Emily Rapp's love of eyelash extensions: "...I blink that crazy fringe, and I feel like I can face the day and live through its hardships..."
Click to read the full story on Huffington Post.

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