Trainings available across the U.S, Canada and United Kingdom.

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® provides multiple hands-on Training Packages to suit both experienced eyelash extension stylists and non-experienced beauty and health professionals wishing to become an eyelash extension stylist.

Training Programs range from 1 to 4 days depending on the Training Package selected. Payment plans are available.

To speak to a Customer Service representative, call U.S/Canada toll-free 1-877-244-5274 or UK toll-free 0808-189-0024.

In our Level 1 Training Program, you will learn:
  • Proper tool handling, client safety, and appropriate hygiene.
  • Application techniques through hands-on exercises:
    • How to correctly isolate a natural eyelash and apply an eyelash extension using the Xtreme Lashes® Place & Release technique.
    • How to use the right amount of adhesive for a seamless, secure, and clump-free bond.
    • How to measure the natural eyelashes to select the right eyelash extension thickness, length, and curvature.
    • How to design an application for different eye shapes.
    • How to remove eyelash extensions without damaging natural eyelashes.
  • How to earn more income with Xtreme Lashes® aftercare products, lash care, skincare, and color cosmetics.
  • How to advertise your new skill and service.
  • And much more!

To learn about our Certification and Advanced Training Programs, please contact our Customer Service department. US/Canada toll-free 1-877-244-5274 or UK toll-free 0808-189-0024.

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