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Multipurpose Wipes (Pack of 50)

Multipurpose Wipes (Pack of 50)

Achieve quick, detailed cleansing of your frequently used beauty tools with these thin, highly absorbent, and disposable wipes.

Instructions: To disinfect your beauty tools, simply saturate a wipe in alcohol or disinfectant before use. Always begin every cleansing process with a new wipe to prevent cross contamination.


•The wipe’s small size makes it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places on GlideLiner™ Sharpener, tweezers, blemish extractors, nail clippers, and more.
•Additionally, this versatile wipe can also be used to remove nail polish.
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Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli Multipurpose Wipes (Pack of 50) Product #: 4.50 In stock! Multipurpose Wipes (Pack of 50)