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"I LOVE (sic) this company! Everything about them is top notch. I can't stop telling people (my family, my clients, perfect strangers, or others in the industry) how fantastic they are. The training was amazing and the products are great. The marketing materials are amazing! They are so beautiful and VERY inexpensive compared to having things printed on your own."

Washington, IL

"Xtreme Lashes is top quality from their products to their trainers, second to none!"

Sun Tan Valley, AZ

"When my clients are finished and are finally looking in the mirror, the look on their faces is something worth a million dollars. I really love what I do."

Seymour, TN

"Xtreme [Lashes] is by far the best product available. I have tried and continue to try other products that come out and always go back to Xtreme. I’ve had clients come and swear by a different product so I'll order it and once they come back in and compare it to what I had used on them before, they too are believers and ask me to go back to Xtreme."

Columbus, OH

"I’ve been using Xtreme since 10/2007 - I love using Xtreme. The products are great, easy to work with and the technique is far superior to other brands I have looked into."

Altamonte Springs, FL

"I have been using Xtreme Lashes since May 2006, and I absolutely love everything about the company and its products. My business has increased tremendously. Most of the people that come in have done lots of research on eyelash extensions, and the reason the chose Xtreme Lashes is because they heard they were the best. I certainly agree."

Ft. Worth, TX

"I trained 1st time in Dec 2005 in LA. I made my money back so quickly. It was one of my best business investments ever! I love making people feel more beautiful! Xtreme Lashes was a great addition to my business...I am a believer and would speak to anyone as to why I have learned this and why I have stayed with Xtreme Lashes even though I have been approached by so many other companies...I stick with the best!"

Wilmington, DL

"I really appreciate the support I receive from Xtreme. I feel like I got a great base and I was encouraged not just to learn, but to excel."

Tucson, AZ

"I have found Xtreme Lashes to be a fantastic partner. They have the best product on the market, they can answer any question I have, and the marketing materials are beautiful! It feels good to know I am working with the best of the best!"

York, PA

"I like knowing that the company is supporting me and is there for me every step of the way. I think that’s what makes Xtreme stand out from any other company."

St. Louis, MO

"I have found Xtreme Lashes to be a fantastic partner. They have the best product on the market, they can answer any question I have, and the marketing materials are beautiful! It feels good to know I am working with the best of the best!"

York, PA

"I like knowing that the company is supporting me and is there for me every step of the way. I think that’s what makes Xtreme stand out from any other company."

St. Louis, MO

"Your company is the best. The trainers are more than accommodating and that goes for the customer service staff, too. It's almost like home when I call."

Sarasota, FL

"The customer service is untouchable!!!! (sic)"

Saskatchewan, Canada

"I would like to add that as a business owner, I find it refreshing that at anytime I can call Xtreme Lashes and I am always greeted with a well trained and informed Technician that is able to assist me...as a registered nurse, [Jo Mousselli] has the background to ensure that we are the most well informed, safety and hygienic conscious Technicians in the Industry. I feel privileged to be associated with Xtreme lashes and plan to help grow the company to new heights."

Lone Tree, CO

"Xtreme made everything so simple and hassle free to receive informative information. Everyone helped me through every process that was needed."

Seattle, WA

"I so proud to be a part of such a great company! I feel that they care for all of us and want us all to be successful!"

Corinth, MS

"It's wonderful being able to reach out to [Xtreme Lashes] and get my questions answered."

Emeryville, CA

"Customer service is very important to me, and I would have to say that Xtreme Lashes has a great customer service staff. Every time I call to place an order or ask a question, the reps are very friendly and helpful."

Fort Worth, TX

"Xtreme Lashes is an exceptional company. Their customer service far exceeds ANY customer service that I have ever dealt with."

West Reading, PA

"I absolutely loved knowing that I was going to be using the best quality out there. That the product was safe and reliable! I also love that the company that I choose to go with cares about their name."

Bakersfield, CA

"Upon researching eyelash extensions, I found Xtreme Lashes to be the most professional company I encountered."

York, PA

"In my travels to skin care and beauty conventions, I have observed several other lash extension products being applied. The quality, naturalness and beauty of Xtreme Lashes stands out immensely from these other companies."

The Woodlands, TX

"I have been trained by other companies and they don't come close to what you do. I have now tried 3 different companies. This is the best."

Loveland, Co

"Xtreme is the best out there, as I have been investigating the competition and NOTHING compares. I believe in your product and I am so impressed with the way your company is so together with all our supplies and our marketing materials. I have never seen a company like this."

Seymour, TN

"The quality (is) in everything from the instructors to the product."

Saskatchewan, Canada

"Xtreme Lashes will set you apart from the rest of the industry with its high quality products, in-depth training and ongoing evaluation of stylists. This approach will ensure that all Xtreme Lash Stylists will maintain Xtreme Lashes high quality standards."

Garland, TX

"I like that the [training] program is all-encompassing in that you learn everything from applying [lashes] to business building, and products. [Instructor] was knowledgeable, and in general, I like that the instructors are professionals working in the industry with real world experience rather than just teaching. She did share her experience when she first started learning lash application, its always good to hear a success story."

Fort Mill, SC

"Here are a list of the things I have found to be very positive with Xtreme Lashes that I did not find with my first choice: • The 2 day training course is more in depth (rather than a rushed 1 day 8 hour class in which the trainer showed up 20 mins late during my previous experience) • The exam you take prior to the certification class is way more educational with the online video tutorials • Further online education tutorials are available • 10-10 referral program enables me not to have to carry the after care product line right away and still receive credit for my customer's purchase and have the potential of paying for my restocking of back bar supplies. • The business kit includes a much more comprehensive supply in products, which sets you up for success at a better rate. • Xtreme's product pricing for my cost is much more affordable • I feel I have a lot more customer service available to me for my success • I received at no extra cost to me the 10 - 10 referral card to give to my clients • There is a wider variety of lash lengths • There is a wider variety of supplies • There is training in client consultation / expectations I hope this advice helps you in your decision making and you become a very successful lash extensionist!!"

Boise, ID

"I just love everything about [the Xtreme Lashes® Training Program] . Everything was so organized, knowledgeable (sic), educating, and reassuring that I can be successful in this profession as an eyelash extension specialist. I left motivated and excited to start lashing everyone up!"

Glendale, CA

"I'm very pleased with Xtreme. The [training] programs are excellent as well as the products. I always learn something at some level."

Cumming, GA

"The training was excellent. The set-up was great and the materials. I have been trained before and this training really was very encouraging, professional."

Los Angeles, CA

"I came away from the [training program] not only well informed and trained in the proper and successful application of Xtreme Lashes® [Eyelash Extensions], but feeling served, personally valued, highly encouraged and empowered to move ahead with what has become the most sought after and lucrative service I perform."

Elizabethton, TN

"I love the lashes. You can't tell they are there until you look in the mirror."

Cleveland, TN

"What I love about FlexFusion® Adhesive [Original] is that there is great attachment. My clients love it and I love it! I hope you do not ever discontinue this adhesive. I tried other company's adhesives and the Flexfusion Original is 10 times better!"

British Columbia, Canada

"My clients are really happy! I have more lashes on these ladies than I ever have had! The new [FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology®] is so smooth and easy to use! My clients mentioned that it was more comfortable for them because they could feel how quickly I was moving and there was no sticking. I really feel like this adhesive is a game changer. I have been with Xtreme Lashes [since 2008] and this is hands down the best thing the company has created."

Chico, CA

"Omg love love love (sic) the new [FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology®] ! Did right eye with old adhesive and left eye with new. Took almost half the time and almost no sticking. [There’s] less adhesive build up as well."

Houston, TX

"I used the new [FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology®] today and I love it! There is no shimmying and the drying is so fast that it’s just fabulous. It makes my work faster and the client is not here as long. It is just wonderful!"

Leesburg, VA

"I am so glad you guys came out with this new (FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology®)! It is so much faster and I am able to apply more lashes. It is much better overall. My clients are having way better longevity. I also love the new (ProComfort™) tweezers. These are two amazing products that make application a lot easier and faster."

Saratoga Springs, NY

"So I am completely and obsessively in love with the new silicone under eye patches! My clients love them!"

Suzanvile, CA

"Xtreme Lashes has truly changed my life forever! The day I walked into my Level 1 training certification, I fell in love instantly! There's nothing comparable to the A class standards of Xtreme Lashes and I'm happy and proud to call this my family!"

Cherry Hill, NJ

"I find Xtreme Lashes to be a top notch company dedicated to maintaining a high standard of learning and I particularly like the part of the company that demands a standard of excellence rather than focusing on selling products. I loved learning something new that is challenging, scientific and beauty enhancing."

Davie, FL

"It was love at first sight when I first saw Xtreme Lashes at the LV hair nail convention years ago. I was an accomplished nail competitor and nail art educator, I knew in my heart Xtreme Lashes was where I wanted to be, so I quickly enrolled in Esthetics to obtain licensure required to pursue my dream. I knew the only way to truly be the 100% solid in my decision was to compare apples to apples. I took training from 2 competitor companies first. Xtreme Lashes far exceeded my expectations. Xtreme Lashes has made me a fierce lashista! I take so much personal pride in my work, my educational background, the many compliments I get from clients for quality work, lash care and education, and my exceptional business presentation all of which I learned from Xtreme Lashes. Xtreme Lashes has helped me be business, educationally and financially strong."

Boise, ID

"Xtreme Lashes has helped me grow personally in ways I never knew possible. Throughout my career as an Xtreme Lashes stylist, I have been faced with many ups and downs. Having a solid business behind me that offers such extensive trainings, quality control and customer support has helped me navigate through becoming a successful entrepreneur. I have been able to provide for my family as well as get the chance to do life with some of the most amazing women in my community."

Houston, TX

"The best best best eyelash extension brand! The quality is exceptional. I'm so grateful that I work with Xtreme. I genuinely appreciate the quality of the products. It puts Xtreme above all other brands."

Düsseldorf, Germany

"Xtreme is a local company for me. They put a lot of research in the products. They are awesome quality and are so well branded! Great support staff too, it’s easy to get help and talk to a real person!"

Sugar Land, TX

"For me Xtreme Lashes was the only choice! They are not only the industry leader because of product but they have amazing educators and continuing education programs. They continually are staying on top of the market. The lashes are amazing, comfortable and beautiful. I can't go without them!"

Topeka, KS

"I chose Xtreme Lashes because they were known as the best of the best, they are always developing new techniques to teach to their stylist, and they are so helpful when you have a question or problem!"

Rock Hill, SC

"I went through chemotherapy 1 year ago and my eyelashes grew back light in color and sparse. My Stylist did a fantastic job explaining what she could do for my non-existing lashes. I must say they now look so natural and I feel as if my eyes are bigger and brighter than they have looked in a long while. I want to say thank you for all the compliments I receive!"

Denver, CO

"Xtreme Lashes® has been THE BEST career move I have made! It's a wonderful feeling to make a person not only look great but feel great too. So many of my clients say that they are ''addicted'' to this service and that they ''cannot imagine not having their lashes.''"

Lexington, KY

"Learning from Xtreme has charted a new path for my life. I cannot imagine learning this without the hands on instruction this company has provided."

Saginaw, MI

"I can barely contain my enthusiasm!!! I want to say "YAY" for the new FlexFusion® with Rapid Cure Technology® Adhesive (Black). There is nothing like this adhesive. I am In Love with it and had to take a picture to show everyone just how much:) Thanks Jo Mouselli of Xtreme Lashes you have just helped me perfect being a Certified Lash Stylist."

Tallahassee, FL

"I would have to say the Volumation training class was awesome. I have been doing lashes for almost 7 years and have seen Xtreme Lashes just amaze me every year from new and improved adhesive, new techniques to new products."

Broadlands, VA

"I am so happy to be with Xtreme Lashes. I loved the Advanced Volumation Training and when I first saw the Gold Tweezers, my heart about came out of my chest I was so excited! My clients love the Volumation look and they are very happy."

Sanger, TX

"I’m in love with the new concealers. It makes my eyes look so pretty and I love how it’s not oily so it doesn’t make my eyeliner bleed!"

Oroville, CA

"The new Faux Mink Bold lashes are to die for! My clients are in LOVE, and I am in love with them! I am VERY excited about all the new Innovation at Xtreme Lashes!"

Cherry Hill, NJ

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