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Consumer Testimonials
I wanted to compliment you on one of your lash stylists. This is the first time that I have written a company about a certain person. I travel all over the world and attend all types of galas, charities and am involved with the Miss Universe pageant. I coincidentally ended up in Denver and chose a stylist based on her reviews on the internet. I am so grateful that Aly Warren in Denver has come into my life. She is one of the most professional and creative women I have ever met. She will be famous, and probably through your products that she raves about. Please mark my words. I say thank you to you for having such sensational products that have changed the way I look and feel about myself.
- A True Admirer, July 22, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


After quite a bit of nerve racking research, I found and made an appointment with Ria at Lashtique. By the time I made the appointment I was quite depressed and skeptical because I had just had, what I thought to be, extension lashes done (actually clusters attached to my lash line with some type of crispy glue) and removed them myself, damaging my lash line horribly. I removed the lashes because they were so uncomfortable and pulled out most of my natural lashes in the process. Ria sensed how scared and frustrated I was and hand-held me through the most caring eyelash rehab process I could have every hoped for (took about a month to grow back my strong lashes).

She thoroughly educated me about lashes, my lashes, what to expect if I followed her instructions, the industry, and what to avoid regarding eyelashes and beauty in general. She is a nurse so I trust her and her office is very clean, quiet, and calm. The lashing experience is very soothing, the way pampering should be, and after about a month of working with me (weekly at first) my lashes are simply divine.
- Bonnie Morales, July 21, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Ria Hountas-Pagliaro in Greenvale, NY)

WOW!!! I absolutely love my glamour lashes and I am extremely pleased with the ease of care. One of my favorite things to consider is being at National’s this August and having no mascara issues. That alone is fantastic. It seems every girl wishes she could wake up and look bright eyed and feel beautiful and, with your help, I have arrived at that very place. I do feel beautiful… with or without make-up. I find myself smiling more and that special spark that everyone loves in my eyes is shining through much more brilliantly. Thank you for everything!!!
- Julie Nutter, Ms. ColoradoGlobe08, June 30, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

I have always wanted a full set of eye lashes. After I saw some of her client's lashes, I decided to go with Aly for the lash extensions. I wish I could show everyone my beautiful lashes! They are gorgeous! Aly is meticulous in her work and her lash extensions are worth every single penny. You get what you pay for. I have seen results of lashes done by those who are less detail oriented and I can assure you that none even come close to comparing with Aly’s.
- Melanie Doug, June 04, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


It has been the most exciting and rewarding thing I have done for myself in years. I thought the cost very reasonable compared to the other treatments I have tried. Lisa Stoner was both professional, and compassionate. She made sure I was comfortable and the procedure was a breeze. When it was over, I was transformed. All my friends and family noticed immediately, all said what a very dramatic difference it made, my confidence soared and I will continue to tell all who will listen how much my “new” lashes mean to me. I'm beyond thrilled. I will never give them up. I just love 'em.

- Cece Blankenship, May 29, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Lisa Stoner in Tucson, AZ)

My lashes look beautiful and they don't clump together at all. Finally, I'm free from having to wear mascara. The results are wonderful but the process itself is relaxing and fun. …it's a treat not to be missed!!
- Mimi Bible, May 24, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I recently got eyelash extensions from ALY WARREN at Salon Posh. LOVE them, LOVE her!!! I moved to Colorado last year from California. I had a great girl in CA who did my extensions. I am incredibly particular and never thought I would find anyone half as good. Aly is AMAZING. She does the most beautiful job I have ever seen. As a mother of three the time I save on my eyes is amazing. I just love my lashes!!!
- Anonymous, May 19, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I have been wanting to get eyelash extensions for some time (I am one of the lucky ones who have the straight, short, asian lashes - yet all the men in my life have long, thick curly lashes) and was worried when I heard all of these horror stories about crappy extension jobs. There was everything from fake looking to losing all of their lashes to glue allergies. I definitely wanted someone who was certified and experienced. It’s important to me to have someone who is certified! She is certified by Xtreme Lashes® and very experienced. On top of all that, she is very creative and meticulous in her application. I've become addicted! I plan on going back to her before I take off to Hawaii for a touch up so I can look fabulous on the beach!
- Jamie Jensen, May 18, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


I've done lash extensions over years and I have NOT had this much of perfection on my lashes before, EVER. First of all, Aly's a perfectionist. She knows what works and what doesn't pretty well. And her application is meticulous. Each lash is carefully separated to apply an extension. It’s just like longer and fuller version of your own lashes. For this quality, I think the price is a steal! More and more, as I know the kinds of lash extensions around me, the more I again realize how good Aly's application is. The result is just so noticeably superior. Just go to try it if you haven't !!!!!

- Robin, May 18, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


I am still in awe of my FABulashes! The purple color really does set off my green eyes and your frame work created a beautiful, thick and lengthening lash shape. All of the girls at school are blown away. It's like a makeover!

- Sharon Peterson, May 10, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Mikaela Fernandez in Delray, FL)

I was so relaxed and fell asleep while Aly applied the lashes and when I woke up (hopefully I was not snoring) I was so impressed and left feeling extremley glamourous!! Thank You!
- Laurie Sole, May 05, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

The greatest, most natural lashes… I came to her after having a bad experience with eyelash extensions with someone who just did not know what she was doing. I had very few eyelashes on each eye with the left eye being the worst. I am telling you, she made the few eyelashes that I had left get back to a normal look! I look great now, but I know when I get the full effect I will look extremely wonderful. Eyelash extensions are a very subtle way of giving your face a lift without a lot of makeup for those who do not like the extreme look and the pains of putting it on everyday. What she did for me can not be put into words, and I feel she is #1 and the best in her field. After my bad experience, I was not sure if I would ever try the process again.
- Huge Lash Fan, May 03, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


I do a lot of work with brides and their bridal parties and Lisa Stoner is the first recommendation I make when it comes to the polishing touch. Lashes are great for special occasions but like me, I trust you will fall in love with them for every day "accessories". They are so much fun. I get complemented on my lashes daily from all ages. At the gym, the lake, formal events... great lashes are always in style.

- Shaunah Sherman, April 28, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Lisa Stoner in Tucson, AZ)

I did not even know what lash extensions were. My co-worker has these amazing long thick lashes and I finally asked her what type of mascara she wears? The answer was none. These are lash extensions. Not really knowing what that was, I had to have them! She gave me Lash Envy's card and I made an appointment. Aly was so personable, a sweetheart, and gave me the most beautiful looking lashes. I do not even worry about makeup maybe a little gloss and I am good to go!
- Loren Shanker, April 20, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


Hi Jo,

I met you in the Beauty Show in Chicago. I attended the information class on your company. I had told Ignacia… that I was going to go to her so she could do my eyelashes because if I was going to apply them, I really believe I should have them on. Plus...I wanted them on!! I made an appointment with Ignacia and I just got my first refill and made appointments for my next 2 refills. The Lashe Spot is a nice and cozy place… I love the eyelashes! I have gotten so many compliments. Some people that know and others who just think I have them like this naturally!!

If you remember me, I told you I was a critical care nurse here in the Chicago area. One patient’s SONS told me, "Your eyelashes are so pretty," I think I was so in shock that two men told me this when men sometimes don't say too much about EYELASHES!! Then he apologized and hoped he hadn't offended me, I guess it was because I turned red, smiled and giggled. I quickly told him that it was a wonderful compliment and thanked him. Later another patient’s wife asked me who I inherited my beautiful eyelashes from. I laughed and had to tell her truthfully from where. She and her daughter couldn't believe they were extensions. Thanks again…

- Lisa Salinas-Sanchez, April 7, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes by Ignacia Garcia of Chicago, IL & Carla Graves of Boise, ID)

Aly was recommended to me by one of her clients after trying many different lash stylists. My lashes fell out rather quickly (before), and the whole process was uncomfortable. Aly, you are amazing. My lashes look beautiful have lasted 3 1/2 weeks and going strong.
- Kim Heller, April 04, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I have been going to see Terry Murphy for the past 3 months and I love my eyelashes. She is using this new glue and my lashes look awesome!!! I LOVE Them!
- Yuri Aday, March 10, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Teri Murphy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

I went through chemotherapy 1 year ago and my eyelashes grew back light in color and sparse. Aly did a fantastic job explaining what she could do for my non-existing lashes. I must say they now look so natural and I feel as if my eyes are bigger and brighter than they have looked in a long while. …I want to say thank you for all the compliments I received…
- J. Dakig, March 07, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I would like to say how beautiful my eyelashes are. Teri Murphy is the best. She was gentle and fast; takes a lot of pride in her work and makes her customers feel better about their selves. I get a lot of compliments. Everyone at work noticed my eyes as soon as I walked in (and I wear glasses). My co-workers said they had seen other people with eyelash extensions but they had never seen any like the ones I’m wearing.
- Marion Brown, March 7, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Teri Murphy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Thank you, Aly for making me feel young and beautiful again. I am one of those women who is having a hard time aging gracefully… who isn’t right? Aly taught me how to apply my makeup and put lash extensions on me and WOW I look amazing. The lashes have stayed on 4 weeks now (and) I’m really impressed because my past experiences have left me ready for a fill in 1 week.
- Kimberley Yoshi, February 20, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

Love, love, love the lashes!!!
- Loretta Parker, February 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

I look and feel phenomenal! After I left Lash Envy I felt like a brand new woman. Not only did I see the change of my outside appearance with some new makeup and gorgeous lashes but I felt more confident on the inside.
- Betsy Davison, January 26, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I had had my lashes done elsewhere before I came to Looks and am so pleased that I found Lisa. My lashes are fuller, thicker and last longer than ever before.
- Ruth Cooper, January 16, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Lisa Stoner in Tucson, AZ)

For the skeptics at heart, trust me, no matter what kind of lashes you have (or don't have) Aly knows how to enhance them and you in the process! It is amazing how much it adds to your face. I cannot tell you how many people have stopped me to comment on my lashes. They look so natural; people ask me what mascara I'm wearing or tell me I'm so lucky to be born with such luscious lashes! I barely wear eye make-up anymore cause there's no need! Worth every penny and more, I highly recommend getting yours done… you will be totally addicted!!
- Marie Vasquez, January 12, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I love my eyelash extensions. I had no idea that they would give the length and thickness to my natural eyelashes the way they did. The lashes have enhanced the beauty of my eyes. I originally had them done by a woman in Cherry Creek for a special occasion. They lasted long but not the way that they are wearing now for everyday wear. I write this to thank Aly and recommend Aly for her way of putting on eyelash extensions and the way they look so natural and feel like I have nothing on. I am complimented daily and refer Aly, daily. Thank you. My look has been transformed.
- S. Green, January 03, 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

Sherrie, my lashes are beautiful!  If I had two more eyes I'd get another set!
- Wendy S., January 2008 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)

I love my new lashes. They are long, beautiful, absolutely stunning. I came in town for the holidays and now will be making special trips monthly to get my lashes enhanced.
- Kim H., December 26, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

Fabulous Lashes! I am a Paramedical Aesthetician and Master Intradermal Cosmetic Technician, CEO of Waking Up Beautiful. I have worked in the Plastic Surgery field for the last 10 years. When I met Aly, I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about her field- an EXPERT technician in fact. I love my eyelash extensions and will never live a day without them after my first set!!
- Tattoo Girl, December 19, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)


AMAZING! Mikaela, "Ladylash", rocks. I had never experienced such flawless & natural looking lash extensions! Mikaela's work was appropriate for both my corporate job and my more "fun" job as a professional ice show skater.

- Samantha O'Connell, December 19, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Mikaela Fernandez in Delray, FL)

If you have experienced chemotherapy you know how it feels to not only lose your hair but eyebrows and LASHES as well. I was referred to Aly from a good friend. I had heard about lash extensions before but was concerned my lashes were too short. I made an appointment to see "the queen of lashes" as my friend refers to her. Since Chemo I have not felt as beautiful as I felt when I received my full set of lashes. If you are a cancer patient or survivor I highly recommend seeing Aly. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
- A Goldberg, December 19, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I absolutely love my lashes... I was referred by a friend and nervous about getting lash extensions. I thought it may hurt and take hours to do. First, I fell asleep and second I was done in a little over an hour. WOW, Aly has hooked me to these lashes. I look like a new woman.
- Gabby, December 17, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Aly Warren in Denver, CO)

I wanted long and thick eyelashes and I looked in the mirror after she was done and I couldn’t believe it was possible! I would pay so much more for this treatment, its worth it. You feel like a woman… so feminine. Thank you so much!
- Bella, December 14, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)

I was so excited to try Xtreme Lashes® and I am thrilled with the outcome. When I went back to work, everybody commented how beautiful my eyes looked and how long my lashes were. They had no idea that they weren't real!
- Deanna B., December 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)

Thank you for your wonderful services. My lashes look incredible. I have serious dry eye and eye sensitivity. Your eyelash extensions have been great for me because I don't need to wear eye makeup, which usually irritates my eyes.
- Jessi, November 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

I enjoyed the GET UP & GO freedom with the lashes. You look and feel good all the time.
- Michelle Player, October 11, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Natalie Harrison in St. Louis, MO)

FANTASTIC! My Xtreme Lashes® were like me to the 100th power! The look brought out my features. I've had other lashes before but nothing like Xtreme.
- Suzie Lorthridge, October 5, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Natalie Harrison in St. Louis, MO)

I enjoyed my Xtreme Lashes®.  People thought I had on mascara!  They were natural looking & comfortable.
- Nicole Miller, October 4, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Natalie Harrison in St. Louis, MO)

They're worth every penny. I don't even need mascara. Great looking lashes without the mess!
- Corina C., October 4, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)

I loved my Xtreme Lashes®!  With them I felt flirty and fun. Other people could see it too. Men started to wink at me and I winked back with my new lashes!
- Tiffany Hayes, October 4, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Natalie Harrison in St. Louis, MO)

Wonderful Experience. Not only did my Xtreme Lashes® appear natural but the fullness of them gave my eyes a very distinct and original look.
- Rochelle Anderson, October 4, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Natalie Harrison in St. Louis, MO)

My mom insisted that I got botox around my eyes even after I told her that I had lash extensions applied. I went for a facial and told my esthetician not to use any oil based products around my eyes and she asked why not. I told her that I had lash extensions; it was great, she had no idea. I love them!
- Sandra, October 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

Wow! They are amazing. I hate wearing make-up and now I don’t have to. My eyes pop out and I have received endless compliments. Beautiful and comfortable!
- Heather, October 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

I started going to Iggy about 10 months ago. This is one of the best cosmetic "things" I have ever done for myself from a time saving and purely aesthetic aspect. Not only do I have the lashes, I also have my eyeliner tattooed on my lids, so I never have to worry about my make-up running. And the great news is that no matter  if I am sweating in a boxing class or in the middle of a business meeting, or in a tear jerking movie, I know my eye make-up looks great. Iggy does an incredible job making my lashes look natural, yet great. People are never sure "what is different" about me, but always comment how great I look. I have recommended Iggy to all my friends. 
-Jeanne, October 1, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Ignacia Garcia of Chicago, IL)

I have lashes for the first time that people other than myself can see. After a humiliating experience at a prominent retail make-up store where I was told not to buy an eyelash curler because I had no lashes worth curling. I challenge anyone to say that to me now. I don’t need a curler or make-up for my now beautiful eye opening lashes.
- Joni, September 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

My eyes looked dull and the crow’s feet were so noticeable before my lash extensions by Clemmy. I look and feel 20 years younger. I wish I had done this years ago.
- Sandra, September 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

Eyelash extensions… Soo Hott. LOVE the length, LOVE the color, LOVE the fullness… My lashes are freakin GORGEOUS… I’m hooked!

- Anonymous, August 28, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)


I just had my Xtreme Lashes® put on by one of your very best: Leelee from solfoodsoaps.com!! She was extremely professional, and I was floored by her beautiful work that was done in less then an hour! I am so very satisifed and excited about my lashes, I will be back for more in the very near future! She deserves a 5 star rating!! Thank you!!
- Seiko, August 16, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Leelee of Barrington, IL)

I love my lashes! I can’t believe everyone in Atlanta doesn’t have them on!
- Cathy Doering, August 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Trish Redding in Roswell, GA)

I’ve had lashes applied to me in Miami as well as NY. These are the best lashes I’ve had by far. I love the volume.
- Ruth, August 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)


Wow! I never thought my eyelashes could be so long and gorgeous! I never have to wear mascara again! Now, when I blink my eyes while kissing my husband on the cheek, they slap him in the face! Love it! Thanks Sherrie!

- Julie Hodler, August 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)


Trish, my sex-life couldn't be better since you've been giving me the Xtreme Lashes® and eyebrow tinting! My man says he doesn't know what it is, but I look exotic and he and I are loving it. Thank you so much, Trish. I love you!

- Brandy Woodard, August 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Trish Redding in Roswell, GA)


The Best Lashes Ever! When i find something really good I’m the type of person to keep it to myself and to let people wonder ...but Arlena is soo sweet and she makes me look soo good I want everyone to know, and to stop looking for the best eyelash extension person!!! Beauty Boutique is where she’s at! I get my lashes done regularly by her. They look soo much better than where I used to go in Beverly Hills plus its closer to home!

- Chloe, July 23, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)


Awesome Lashes! If you want beautiful, long and lush lashes, you must go to Roque Salon and make an appointment with Ignacia Garcia for Xtreme Lashes®® Lash Extensions. Ignacia takes great pride and care when selecting lashes that beautify your eyes and accentuate your facial features. I have been hooked since the end of December. I receive a lot of compliments of my lashes!!!

- Frangella, July 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Ignacia Garcia of Chicago, IL)


Christy really knows what she is doing, and I am so thankful for the experience. My new lashes look phenomenal! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job with them. I’ve been telling everyone I know about them. One of the photographers I work with said she had seen them many times on models and that Christy did a really great job.

- Kelly, July 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

I recently had Xtreme Lashes® applied. I must say, I am very pleased with the results. I love the way the lashes look and make me feel. Alichia Ryan, my Certified Technician did a wonderful job applying the lashes. Alichia knew what color of lashes to apply to highlight my eyes. Her knowledge and professionalism was impressive. Thank you Xtreme Lashes® for an awesome product and trained professionals to represent you.
-Lori, July 23, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Alichia Ryan of Redlands, CA)


I want to share the experience with you that I had today. I was one of the models at the Advanced Training in El Segundo, CA. It was good to get to know (Certified Professional Lash Stylist) Alichia Ryan and see what a great job and beautiful lashes she applied on Mike (at the Advanced Training). Thank you to (Certified Professional Lash Stylist) Christy Malles, for my new eyes and making me look great. You have the softest and most gentle hands and you made me feel very trustworthy in your hands/work. Thank you Xtreme Lashes® for a brilliant concept!

-Beatrice Cederstrom, July 16, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles of Denver, CO)

I constantly get compliments on my long lovely lashes; no one believes that they are extensions. I can not live without my lash extensions… I am addicted!
- Alicia, July 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

My lashes last and last. I was quite surprised at how long they last. I love going to Karol's salon - it's so relaxing that I fall asleep while she is applying them.
- Victoria Oates, June 13, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Karol Schrepferman in San Jose, CA)

The Xtreme Lashes® process was so easy!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but, Arlena made it so easy! I just had to lie back and relax~ I even fell asleep and woke up with GEORGEOUS lashes!! I haven’t had to put mascara on in a week!!
- Sara Murray, June 6, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)

I love my eyelashes! I have never had so many compliments on them in my life. People come up to me on the street to tell me how much they love them! They have now become an essential part of my life.
- Chrissy, June 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)

I’m addicted! They are so great. I barely need eye make-up now and I get so many compliments. Clementina is the best! So professional, I’m very happy.
- Michal, May 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Clementina Richardson of New York, NY)


Skyy has started doing Xtreme Lashes® which are all the rage. My lashes look natural, but full and beautiful and I don't need to wear mascara anymore. I'm very picky about salon services and As U Wish has surpassed my expectations - I recommend it to all my friends!

- Karen, April 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Skyy Hadley in Hoboken, NJ)


Trish can do her thing when it comes to eyelash extensions, and I am certainly looking forward to visiting her again the next time I need a refill. My lashes look natural, beautiful and sexy - Thanks Trish!

- The Ghetto Fashionista, April 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Trish Redding in Roswell, GA)


Let me tell you, eyelash extensions are absolutely addicting.  I am addicted. LASH OUT! is a tiny place in La Jolla that specializes in eyelashes.  In fact, that's all they do--and they do it really well.  Jeannie is sweet, professional and knowledgeable.  She is also quick and efficient and will give you the most incredible lashes in no time.  

- J.L., April 2, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Jeannie Owens in La Jolla, CA)

I just wanted you to know that I got back from Vegas a few days ago. While I was there I had my makeup done a few times. Each girl who did my face was blown away by the quality of your work. They told the other artists to come look at my extensions - each one commented about how fantastic they looked, that even up close they could not see where the bonding was, and that they were the nicest they had ever seen! (And apparently they have seen quite a few).
- Lisabeth, March 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Jeannie Owens in La Jolla, CA)

I was THRILLED with my eyelash extensions! At first I was very hesitant to get them because I did not want my face to look cheap but after Arlena put them on I was blown away. My husband couldn't figure out what I did. He just kept saying my eyes looked bigger and brighter! They looked and felt extremely natural with or without mascara! Thanks!
- Talizmark, March 28, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)

I don't want to have to have cosmetic surgery as I'm going thru the change of life. These Xtreme eyelashes have brought back a youthful look to my eyes and my face. I love them!
- Laura, March 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Trish Redding in Roswell, GA)

Thanks, Sherrie, for the lashes. They are gorgeous and I'm totally mesmerized by them! You do fantastic work!
- Janet R., February 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)

Lashes blew me away! Soo impressed and soo excited about my Lashes.  I have been tanning here for a few months now and was contemplating the lash extensions, a little nervous, I decided to look around a bit and do my own research. Come to find, Beauty Boutique was on another site for working on many celebrities. I had no idea! So I went for the full set and I am sooooo happy and thrilled!. I really had no idea they would look this natural. I am very happy with Arlena's work, she is truly an artist, and I recommend her now not only for tanning, but for eyelash extensions as well.
- B. Mellon, February 27, 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)

Hey Trish, just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful work you do for me at your spa! My Xtreme Lashes® are beautiful and I get many compliments on a daily basis on how beautiful and long my lashes are. Thank you so much!
- Heidi, February 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Trish Redding in Roswell, GA)

I would just like to say that “I LOVE MY NEW EYELASHES”! They are so long and beautiful and really make my eyes look bigger and much brighter. They make me feel pretty and you don’t even know they’re there until someone compliments you on what beautiful eyes you have. I’m so glad I decided to try eyelash extensions because it is for certain I will never want to be without them ever. Thank you so much!
- Sharon, January 2007 (Xtreme Lashes® by Kelly Custer in Fishers, IN)


Denasi, at All About Hair in Monterey, California which I found on your website of certified professionals, is a wonderful and meticulous professional, and I highly recommend her for any lash procedure. She does lash perming, coloring and extensions for me. Not only are these relaxing sessions, but the results are always fabulous. I have very fair coloring. My lashes are straight and nearly transparent, but under Denasi's care I have achieved long, thick, dark lashes that look and feel natural. I believe what makes her stand apart is her perfectionism and her desire to get the best result for each individual. She is gentle, patient, and provides a superior service because she uses quality products and does not stint. Whatever it takes, she makes sure you walk out of her place looking and feeling like a million bucks!


- Lara Thompson, October 2006  (Xtreme Lashes® by Denasi Ross in Monterey, CA)


I wanted to let you know the new bonding (HP-A) is fabulous! I went surfing all day Sunday and kayaking today, lots of time in the water and showering. My lashes have held up great.
-Carol, October 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Jeannie Owens in La Jolla, CA)

I’ve gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes since visiting The Lashe Spot and getting my new eyelash extensions! Ignacia did an amazing job creating a little more dramatic look for my eyes… they look so natural…
- TwinkleInMyEye, September 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Ignacia Garcia of Chicago, IL)


Best eye lash extensions! They were very natural looking. My friends couldn't believe how real and full they look. They looked awesome even without mascara. They lasted a long time without having to reapply them or replace them. Even though it took a while to put them on, they were definitely worth it! Thanks again! 


- Althea, September 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Arlena Tomboulian in Sherman Oaks, CA)


Eyelash extensions are the best indulgence I have treated myself to in some time. I read reviews of Christy’s salon (The Purple Flower) online and was impressed by her website. Additionally, she was prompt returning my phone call and was quite patient answering all of my questions. The salon lives up to the expectations promised on the website; it is hip, relaxing, and comfortable. Definitely an atmosphere where one can unwind! Christy’s work is phenomenal. I have received many compliments on my (Xtreme) lashes from friends, family, and strangers. Unless I confess (and I don’t always) nobody knows they are not my own! You do have to schedule in advance, but the wait is quite reasonable and definitely worth it.
- Shana, September 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

Kelly, I wanted to thank you for the lash extensions you put on me two weeks ago. I had heard, and read about them being the new rage. I am amazed how awesome they look, and how easy they are to take care of.  I have gotten lots of compliments, and I highly recommended you to several of my friends and family members.  I plan on wearing them for a long time.
- Marilyn, September 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Kelly Custer in Fishers, IN)


D.J., You are awesome!! I can't say how pleased I'm with the lash extensions you put on me, the work is outstanding, the look is realistic and they look sooo sexy, I would never trust any body else with my eyelashes again! I was so pleased with your service and to feel I could trust your work. As you already know I went to see someone else before I went to see you and that person did a terrible job!!! ..........Then I came to see you and you made the Difference, I love my Xtreme Lashes®!!!! Thanks again DJ!!!


- Lilia House, July 25, 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by D.J. Garcia in San Antonio, TX)


I don't have to worry about makeup and my lashes look good all the time! I even swim in them. I recommend them to anyone, any age. I just love my Xtreme Lashes® and Sherrie is wonderful!
- Kara R., May 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Sherrie Bacon in Johnson City, TN)


I just wanted to express a sincere opinion about your product as one of the best things I have tried to enhance my looks. These past three years, I had realized that my age had finally manifested physically. I became more conscious of the changes and thought about a lot of self improvement (both physically as in outside appearance and being more health conscious as in exercising and eating habits). I have made some changes and one the things that continued to frustrate were my short lashes. I was always looking for the latest and the greatest volume and lengthening mascara on any given brand, some are better than others. When I heard of this eye lash extension process, I really got excited and started checking with make-up artists. Surprisingly, Renee called me one day and updated me on things she is involved in these days; Not only was she going into aesthetic medicine but also doing Xtreme Lashes®. I immediately made an appointment for lashes to attend an upcoming wedding. I was very impressed because the lashes were so natural looking my boyfriend did not even notice, and, (I was not wearing any of the mascara products) he kept staring at my eyes. People unfamiliar with lash extensions thought that I had naturally long lashes.

This is the third session I've done and I'm learning everyday on how to maintain them so they last longer. I recommend Xtreme Lashes® to anyone who wants to enhance their looks. I believe that eyes express the beauty within you. I guarantee you will notice more appreciative looks from other people. If I had a budget to follow, I'd rather have lash extensions than a manicure or pedicure.


- Nina Novales, May 23, 2006

My Xtreme Lashes® experiences with Christy at The Purple Flower have been nothing short of top of the line!  I spent months getting my extensions done in New York City and San Francisco until I found Christy in my home town of Denver.  My extensions from Christy are better than those I had done at the top spas in New York City and San Francisco.  Thank God I found her!
- Sarah, May 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Christy Malles in Denver, CO)

I would like to express my deep appreciation to Veanessa and the wonderful services she offers. I had two bad prior experiences with other salons that offered semi-perm eyelashes. The Xtreme Lashes® that Veanessa put on me are fabulous!!! Everyone woman in Denver should try a least one of her services.
- Dora, May 5, 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Veanessa Burbage in Littleton, CO)


I recently went to Chattanooga, Tn. for a long weekend to visit friends. While I was there I visited the Elea Blake studio and had lash extensions put on. At first they felt a little weird, but I soon got used to the feel of them and even better, to not having to wear mascara. When I returned home, my husband said that I looked all "bright eyed" and that it was good to see that I had gotten rest while I was gone. The funny thing is I didn't get hardly any sleep because I was hanging with my friends all weekend! My daughter, who is more observant than my husband said she loved my movie star eyes. We're planning a trip to the beach and I can't wait to see how my lashes hold up. It will be great not having to deal with water proof mascara. I just wish I had had these when I got married! 

- Lisa Carter, January 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Darin Wright in Chattanooga, TN)

Wow! Veanessa applied my Xtreme Lashes® and they are everything I had hoped for.  They are natural yet long and full.  I love them.  I recently had different lashes weaved on, but they fell off within a week.  Veanessa's lashes have far exceeded my expectations.  She also provided aftercare instructions and maintenance supplies to further lengthen the life of my lashes. They are great!

- Alex, January 1, 2006 (Xtreme Lashes® by Veanessa Burbage in Littleton, CO)

I can't say enough about how delighted I am with the lash extensions Noor put on me. The work on them is unmatched. They are above all -- artful, realistic, lush and sexy. In a word: They are exquisite! I wanted to be instrumental in spreading the word about Xtreme Lashes®.

My husband said it looked like I had an eye-lift. It brightens up the face. It's amazing how your whole perspective of how you look can make such a dramatic change with the lashes. I'm even wearing less make-up. It’s a confidence builder.


- Pattie, December 23, 2005 (Xtreme Lashes® by Noor Daoudi in Houston, TX)

I recently had surgery by one of the premier surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA. His name is Dr. Garth Fisher. You might recognize his name as he was the first doctor selected for ABC's hit "Extreme Makeover" phenomenon. His busy practice includes entertainers, celebrities and business executives around the world. His surgical skills and judgment are sought after by a large international clientele. As I was coming out of surgery Dr. Fisher's anesthesiologist, Dr. Edward Akkaway also an  esteemed doctor in the field commented to his colleagues "How gorgeous this girl's lashes were, and who put them on"? I write this because I think it is important to show that these doctor's take their work very seriously and recognize quality in the beauty industry. The supreme compliment!

- Eva, December 22, 2005 (Xtreme Lashes® by Noor Daoudi in Houston, TX)



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