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Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions vs Mascara

Eyelash extensions do much more than darken the color of your lashes. Say goodbye to messy mascaras, clumps, smudging, and melting as Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions can really do it all!

What are the biggest differences?

Often thought of as the most convenient and user friendly of options to enhance eyelashes, mascaras do have some downfalls:

Wearing mascara is not always a practical option for activities such as swimming or exercising. Visually, the effect is often not as dramatic as clients are hoping for with mascara. It’s important to note that the models used in mascara promotional campaigns are all wearing false lashes, a look which no mascara alone can replicate. Many types of mascara are difficult to remove and create black smudges below the lower lash line. Removing mascara can damage the delicate skin under the eye, since the process often requires repetitive rubbing to remove the product completely. Some mascara formulations have ingredients that may cause allergic reactions.

With Xtreme Lashes®, the lashes can be extended, not just thickened as with mascara. Clients can sleep, shower and swim worry-free with Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions. No raccoon eyes! Clients can wake up ready to go with their thick, lush and long Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions.

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