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Lash Canisters by Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli® Eyelash Extensions carries the world’s largest and most exclusive inventory of loose canister eyelash extensions. Our lash portfolio consists of over 600 unique styles and colors in four select curvatures (X30®, X35®, X40®, and X50® Curvature) and three thicknesses, thin, thick and super thick. As the global leader, Xtreme Lashes provides the highest quality and most consistent eyelash extensions in terms of look and feel, quality and beauty.

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Eyelash canisters are packed by weight (milligrams) which varies based on thickness and length. Please refer to the chart below:

Length Thin Thick Super Thick
5 210 350 410
6 210 340 400
7 200 330 390
8 200 310 370
9 200 300 350
10 190 280 340
11 190 270 330
12 180 260 310
13 180 250 290
14 170 240 280
15 170 230 270
16 160 220 250
17 160 210 240


Product Name Qty
X30® Auburn Thin 7MM
X30® Auburn Thin 11MM
X30® Auburn Thin 13MM
X30® Auburn Thin 15MM
X30® Auburn Thick 7MM
X30® Auburn Thick 8MM
X30® Auburn Thick 9MM
X30® Auburn Thick 10MM
X30® Auburn Thick 11MM
X30® Auburn Thick 12MM
X30® Auburn Thick 13MM
X30® Auburn Thick 14MM
X30® Auburn Thick 15MM
X30® Black Thin 6MM
X30® Black Thin 7MM
X30® Black Thin 8MM
X30® Black Thin 9MM
X30® Black Thin 10MM
X30® Black Thin 11MM
X30® Black Thin 12MM
X30® Black Thin 13MM
X30® Black Thin 14MM
X30® Black Thin 15MM
X30® Black Thin 16MM
X30® Black Thin 17MM
X30® Black Thick 6MM
X30® Black Thick 7MM
X30® Black Thick 8MM
X30® Black Thick 9MM
X30® Black Thick 10MM
X30® Black Thick 11MM
X30® Black Thick 12MM
X30® Black Thick 13MM
X30® Black Thick 14MM
X30® Black Thick 15MM
X30® Black Thick 16MM
X30® Black Thick 17MM
X30® Black Super Thick 6MM
X30® Black Super Thick 7MM
X30® Black Super Thick 8MM
X30® Black Super Thick 9MM
X30® Black Super Thick 10MM
X30® Black Super Thick 11MM
X30® Black Super Thick 12MM
X30® Black Super Thick 13MM
X30® Black Super Thick 14MM
X30® Black Super Thick 15MM
X30® Black Super Thick 16MM
X30® Black Super Thick 17MM
X30® Blue Thin 7MM
X30® Blue Thin 9MM
X30® Blue Thin 11MM
X30® Blue Thin 13MM
X30® Blue Thin 15MM
X30® Blue Thick 7MM
X30® Blue Thick 8MM
X30® Blue Thick 9MM
X30® Blue Thick 10MM
X30® Blue Thick 11MM
X30® Blue Thick 12MM
X30® Blue Thick 13MM
X30® Blue Thick 14MM
X30® Blue Thick 15MM
X30® Dark Brown Thin 7MM
X30® Dark Brown Thin 9MM
X30® Dark Brown Thin 11MM
X30® Dark Brown Thin 13MM
X30® Dark Brown Thin 15MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 6MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 7MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 8MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 9MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 10MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 11MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 12MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 13MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 14MM
X30® Dark Brown Thick 15MM
X30® Golden Brown Thin 7MM
X30® Golden Brown Thin 9MM
X30® Golden Brown Thin 11MM
X30® Golden Brown Thin 13MM
X30® Golden Brown Thin 15MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 6M
X30® Golden Brown Thick 7M
X30® Golden Brown Thick 8MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 9MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 10MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 11MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 12MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 13MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 14MM
X30® Golden Brown Thick 15MM
X30® Green Thin 7MM
X30® Green Thin 9MM
X30® Green Thin 11MM
X30® Green Thin 13MM
X30® Green Thin 15MM
X30® Green Thick 7MM
X30® Green Thick 8MM
X30® Green Thick 9MM
X30® Green Thick 10MM
X30® Green Thick 11MM
X30® Green Thick 12MM
X30® Green Thick 13MM
X30® Green Thick 14MM
X30® Green Thick 15MM
X30® Orange Thick 7MM
X30® Orange Thick 8MM
X30® Orange Thick 9MM
X30® Orange Thick 10MM
X30® Orange Thick 11MM
X30® Orange Thick 12MM
X30® Orange Thick 13MM
X30® Orange Thick 14MM
X30® Orange Thick 15MM
X30® Hot Pink Thin Assorted
X30® Hot Pink Thick Assorted
X30® Pink Thin 7MM
X30® Pink Thin 9MM
X30® Pink Thin 11MM
X30® Pink Thin 13MM
X30® Pink Thin 15MM
X30® Purple Thin 7MM
X30® Purple Thin 9MM
X30® Purple Thin 11MM
X30® Purple Thin 13MM
X30® Purple Thin 15MM
X30® Purple Thick 7MM
X30® Purple Thick 8MM
X30® Purple Thick 9MM
X30® Purple Thick 10MM
X30® Purple Thick 11MM
X30® Purple Thick 12MM
X30® Purple Thick 13MM
X30® Purple Thick 14MM
X30® Purple Thick 15MM
X30® Red Thin 7MM
X30® Red Thin 9MM
X30® Red Thin 11MM
X30® Red Thin 13MM
X30® Red Thin 15MM
X30® Red Thick 7MM
X30® Red Thick 8MM
X30® Red Thick 9MM
X30® Red Thick 10MM
X30® Red Thick 11MM
X30® Red Thick 12MM
X30® Red Thick 13MM
X30® Red Thick 14MM
X30® Red Thick 15MM
X30® Yellow Thick 7MM
X30® Yellow Thick 8MM
X30® Yellow Thick 9MM
X30® Yellow Thick 10MM
X30® Yellow Thick 11MM
X30® Yellow Thick 12MM
X30® Yellow Thick 13MM
X30® Yellow Thick 14MM
X30® Yellow Thick 15MM


Product Name Qty
X35® Black Thin 5MM
X35® Black Thin 6MM
X35® Black Thin 7MM
X35® Black Thin 8MM
X35® Black Thin 9MM
X35® Black Thin 10MM
X35® Black Thin 11MM
X35® Black Thin 12MM
X35® Black Thin 13MM
X35® Black Thin 14MM
X35® Black Thin 15MM
X35® Black Thin 16MM
X35® Black Thin 17MM
X35® Black Thick 5MM
X35® Black Thick 6MM
X35® Black Thick 7MM
X35® Black Thick 8MM
X35® Black Thick 9MM
X35® Black Thick 10MM
X35® Black Thick 11MM
X35® Black Thick 12MM
X35® Black Thick 13MM
X35® Black Thick 14MM
X35® Black Thick 15MM
X35® Black Thick 16MM
X35® Black Thick 17MM
X35® Black Super Thick 5MM
X35® Black Super Thick 6MM
X35® Black Super Thick 7MM
X35® Black Super Thick 8MM
X35® Black Super Thick 9MM
X35® Black Super Thick 10MM
X35® Black Super Thick 11MM
X35® Black Super Thick 12MM
X35® Black Super Thick 13MM
X35® Black Super Thick 14MM
X35® Black Super Thick 15MM
X35® Black Super Thick 16MM
X35® Black Super Thick 17MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 6MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 7MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 8MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 9MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 10MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 11MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 12MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 13MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 14MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thin 15MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 6MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 7MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 8MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 9MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 10MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 11MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 12MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 13MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 14MM
X35® Coffee Bean Thick 15MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 6MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 7MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 8MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 10MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 11MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 12MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 13MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 14MM
X35® Coffee Bean Super Thick 15MM


Product Name Qty
X40® Amethyst Thin 7MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 8MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 9MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 10MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 11MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 12MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 13MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 14MM
X40® Amethyst Thin 15MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 7MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 8MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 9MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 10MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 11MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 12MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 13MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 14MM
X40® Amethyst Thick 15MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 7MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 8MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 9MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 10MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 11MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 12MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 13MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 14MM
X40® Black Cherry Thin 15MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 7MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 8MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 9MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 10MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 11MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 12MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 13MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 14MM
X40® Black Cherry Thick 15MM
X40® Black Thin 6MM
X40® Black Thin 7MM
X40® Black Thin 8MM
X40® Black Thin 9MM
X40® Black Thin 10MM
X40® Black Thin 11MM
X40® Black Thin 12MM
X40® Black Thin 13MM
X40® Black Thin 14MM
X40® Black Thin 15MM
X40® Black Thin 16MM
X40® Black Thin 17MM
X40® Black Thick 6MM
X40® Black Thick 7MM
X40® Black Thick 8MM
X40® Black Thick 9MM
X40® Black Thick 10MM
X40® Black Thick 11MM
X40® Black Thick 12MM
X40® Black Thick 13MM
X40® Black Thick 14MM
X40® Black Thick 15MM
X40® Black Thick 16MM
X40® Black Thick 17MM
X40® Black Super Thick 6MM
X40® Black Super Thick 7MM
X40® Black Super Thick 8MM
X40® Black Super Thick 9MM
X40® Black Super Thick 10M
X40® Black Super Thick 11M
X40® Black Super Thick 12M
X40® Black Super Thick 13M
X40® Black Super Thick 14M
X40® Black Super Thick 15M
X40® Black Super Thick 16M
X40® Black Super Thick 17M
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 7MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 8MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 9MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 10MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 11MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 12MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 13MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 14MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thin 15MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 7MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 8MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 9MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 10MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 11MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 12MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 13MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 14MM
X40® Bubble Gum Thick 15MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 7MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 8MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 10MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 12MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 13MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 14MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thin 15MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 7MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 8MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 9MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 10MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 11MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 12MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 13MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 14MM
X40® Coffee Bean Thick 15MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 7MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 8MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 9MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 10MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 11MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 12MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 13MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 14MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thin 15MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 7MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 8MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 9MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 10MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 11MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 12MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 13MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 14MM
X40® Cotton Candy Thick 15MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 7MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 8MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 9MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 10MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 11MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 12MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 13MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 14MM
X40® Cranberry Thin 15MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 7MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 8MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 9MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 10MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 11MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 12MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 13MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 14MM
X40® Cranberry Thick 15MM
X40® Emerald Thin 7MM
X40® Emerald Thin 8MM
X40® Emerald Thin 9MM
X40® Emerald Thin 10MM
X40® Emerald Thin 11MM
X40® Emerald Thin 12MM
X40® Emerald Thin 13MM
X40® Emerald Thin 14MM
X40® Emerald Thin 15MM
X40® Emerald Thick 7MM
X40® Emerald Thick 8MM
X40® Emerald Thick 9MM
X40® Emerald Thick 10MM
X40® Emerald Thick 11MM
X40® Emerald Thick 12MM
X40® Emerald Thick 13MM
X40® Emerald Thick 14MM
X40® Emerald Thick 15MM
X40® Frost Thin 7MM
X40® Frost Thin 8MM
X40® Frost Thin 9MM
X40® Frost Thin 10MM
X40® Frost Thin 11MM
X40® Frost Thin 12MM
X40® Frost Thin 13MM
X40® Frost Thin 14MM
X40® Frost Thin 15MM
X40® Frost Thick 7MM
X40® Frost Thick 8MM
X40® Frost Thick 9MM
X40® Frost Thick 10MM
X40® Frost Thick 11MM
X40® Frost Thick 12MM
X40® Frost Thick 13MM
X40® Frost Thick 14MM
X40® Frost Thick 15MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 7MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 8MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 9MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 10MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 11MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 12MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 13MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 14MM
X40® Kiwi Thin 15MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 7MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 8MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 9MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 10MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 11MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 12MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 13MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 14MM
X40® Kiwi Thick 15MM
X40® Lavender Thin 7MM
X40® Lavender Thin 8MM
X40® Lavender Thin 9MM
X40® Lavender Thin 10MM
X40® Lavender Thin 11MM
X40® Lavender Thin 12MM
X40® Lavender Thin 13MM
X40® Lavender Thin 14MM
X40® Lavender Thin 15MM
X40® Lavender Thick 7MM
X40® Lavender Thick 8MM
X40® Lavender Thick 9MM
X40® Lavender Thick 10MM
X40® Lavender Thick 11MM
X40® Lavender Thick 12MM
X40® Lavender Thick 13MM
X40® Lavender Thick 14MM
X40® Lavender Thick 15MM
X40® Lemon Thin 7MM
X40® Lemon Thin 8MM
X40® Lemon Thin 9MM
X40® Lemon Thin 10MM
X40® Lemon Thin 11MM
X40® Lemon Thin 12MM
X40® Lemon Thin 13MM
X40® Lemon Thin 14MM
X40® Lemon Thin 15MM
X40® Lemon Thick 7MM
X40® Lemon Thick 8MM
X40® Lemon Thick 9MM
X40® Lemon Thick 10MM
X40® Lemon Thick 11MM
X40® Lemon Thick 12MM
X40® Lemon Thick 13MM
X40® Lemon Thick 14MM
X40® Lemon Thick 15MM
X40® Mango Thin 7MM
X40® Mango Thin 8MM
X40® Mango Thin 9MM
X40® Mango Thin 10MM
X40® Mango Thin 11MM
X40® Mango Thin 12MM
X40® Mango Thin 13MM
X40® Mango Thin 14MM
X40® Mango Thin 15MM
X40® Mango Thick 7MM
X40® Mango Thick 8MM
X40® Mango Thick 9MM
X40® Mango Thick 10MM
X40® Mango Thick 11MM
X40® Mango Thick 12MM
X40® Mango Thick 13MM
X40® Mango Thick 14MM
X40® Mango Thick 15MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 7MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 8MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 9MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 10MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 11MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 12MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 13MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 14MM
X40® Sapphire Thin 15MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 7MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 8MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 9MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 10MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 11MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 12MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 13MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 14MM
X40® Sapphire Thick 15MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 7MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 8MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 9MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 10MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 11MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 12MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 13MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 14MM
X40® Spearmint Thin 15MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 7MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 8MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 9MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 10MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 11MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 12MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 13MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 14MM
X40® Spearmint Thick 15MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 7MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 8MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 9MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 10MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 11MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 12MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 13MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 14MM
X40® Strawberry Thin 15MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 7MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 8MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 9MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 10MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 11MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 12MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 13MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 14MM
X40® Strawberry Thick 15MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 7MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 8MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 9MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 10MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 11MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 12MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 13MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 14MM
X40® Watermelon Thin 15MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 7MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 8MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 9MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 10MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 11MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 12MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 13MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 14MM
X40® Watermelon Thick 15MM


Product Name Qty
X50® Black Thick 6MM
X50® Black Thick 7MM
X50® Black Thick 8MM
X50® Black Thick 9MM
X50® Black Thick 10MM
X50® Black Thick 11MM
X50® Black Thick 12MM
X50® Black Thick 13MM
X50® Black Thick 14MM
X50® Black Thick 15MM
X50® Black Super Thick 6MM
X50® Black Super Thick 7MM
X50® Black Super Thick 8MM
X50® Black Super Thick 9MM
X50® Black Super Thick 10MM
X50® Black Super Thick 11MM
X50® Black Super Thick 12MM
X50® Black Super Thick 13MM
X50® Black Super Thick 14MM
X50® Black Super Thick 15MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 6MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 7MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 8MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin9MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 10MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 11MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 12MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 13MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 14MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thin 15MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 6MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 7MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 8MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 9MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 10MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 11MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 12MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 13MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 14MM
X50® Coffee Bean Thick 15MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 6MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 7MM
X50®Coffee Bean Super Thick 8MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 9MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 10MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 11MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 12MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 13MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 14MM
X50® Coffee Bean Super Thick 15MM

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