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7 Reasons to Remove Eyelash Extensions

7 Reasons to Remove Eyelash Extensions

April 8, 2018

Every Lash Stylist knows that there are certain times when an existing set of eyelash extensions are better off than on. However, it’s not always due to a negative application. Although there may be many reasons why a full removal is requested or needed, here’s 7 common reasons you should keep top of mind so that you can help your client look and feel her best.

  1. The client received a poor application from another stylist and the eyelash extensions need to be removed to prevent damage to their natural lashes. Ex: Incorrect length or diameter, lashes may be stuck together, lashes may be attached to the skin, loose bases, excessive adhesive, etc.
  2. The majority of the client’s eyelash extensions were damaged from using a mechanical eyelash curler or exposure to excessive heat.
  3. Your client plans to have permanent cosmetics applied to the eye area.
  4. Your client requests a major design change during which the majority of the eyelash extensions need to be switched to a different type. Ex: Faux Mink Bold™ to Faux Mink X-Wrap®, etc.
  5. Your client received a dramatic or artistic lash design for a special event and wants or needs to go back to a more natural look for everyday wear. Ex: A wedding, pageant, Halloween, etc.
  6. The client won’t be able to maintain their eyelash extensions for an extended period. Ex: lack of finances, or in preparation for a procedure to the eye area, such as eye surgery or permanent makeup, etc.
  7. Your client has an adverse reaction that you suspect may be related to wearing eyelash extensions. In this case, remove the eyelash extensions and give the client a break until the adverse reaction clears. Then, reapply using hypoallergenic FlexFusion® adhesive.

Please note, if the client has any adverse reaction, do not use Adhesive Remover; use the Peel Removal technique instead. The reaction may be related to an undiagnosed cyanoacrylate allergy, which may be exacerbated if Adhesive Remover is used. Many clients’ adverse reaction will resolve spontaneously in a few days. If it does not, then use the Peel Removal method.

To learn about our Peel Removal technique, log into your professional Xtreme Lashes account and enter the XL Tutorial to view our Peel Removal video.


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