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Become an Xtreme Stylist

Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli®
The Global Leader in Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Did you know that offering Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions is one of the most lucrative beauty services you can offer at your salon? With demand for eyelash extensions growing quickly, now is the time to sign up and become a Certified Lash Stylist.

The following charts outline the amount of revenue that an experienced Lash Stylist may generate, depending on how much is charged and how many applications are performed each week. Your actual revenue may be different and will vary based on many things, including your skill level, location, market rates and demand in your area, mix of new clients vs. returning clients and the number of hours you work. SIGN UP for Training today.

(per day)
Full Set
(per day)
Full Set
5 1 $75.00 $200.00 $575.00 $2,875.00 $138,000.00
5 1 $100.00 $250.00 $750.00 $3,750.00 $180,000.00
5 1 $125.00 $300.00 $925.00 $4,625.00 $222,000.00
5 1 $150.00 $350.00 $1,100.00 $5,500.00 $264,000.00
5 1 $150.00 $400.00 $1,150.00 $5,750.00 $276,000.00
*Annual Revenue is based on a successful full-time Lash Stylist, working 5 days per week and 48 weeks per year. Revenue may vary and is dependent on many factors, including skill level, hours worked, market rates, and local demand. This does not include revenue from selling retail products at the typical 100% markup.

The Xtreme Lashes Difference

Comprehensive Training
Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions application training is exclusively available only to licensed and credentialed beauty and health professionals. To ensure the highest standards in safety and techniques are met, we require successful completion of eyelash extensions training to purchase products. Lastly, we do not sell to nail-only salons. View Prerequisites.

Preferred Choice of Beauty Professionals
Xtreme Lashes has trained more than 35,000 Lash Stylists across the world. Our Trainer-Led Classic Lash Extension Certification Training is known as the most comprehensive, structured, and professional in the industry. All trainers are attending a rigorous 100-hour boot camp to ensure you receive the foundation needed to be successful.

Preferred Choice of Eyelash Extension Wearers
The Xtreme Lashes brand is searched for by many consumers looking for longer, fuller, darker, and more lifted lashes.

Revolutionary Eyelash Extension Products
Xtreme Lashes offers the world’s largest inventory of synthetic eyelashes (lash canisters, Faux Mink lash trays, Faux Mink Bold™ lash trays, Faux Mink X-Wrap® lash trays, and Omni Volume® LashPaks™), eyelash extension adhesives (Xtreme Volume, FlexFusion®, HP-Ultra®), and application supplies.

Award-Winning Cosmetics for Eyelash Extension Wearers
Xtreme Lashes offers take-home aftercare products such as Amplifeye® Advanced Lash & Brow Fortifier, Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser, Protective Coating, GlideLiner™ Eye Pencil, and Mascaras- all designed to work with eyelash extensions for you to sell. These products offer you the opportunity to generate additional revenue and provide clients with the right aftercare products to keep their lash extensions looking beautiful.

Preferred Choice of Celebrities & Press Worldwide
Xtreme Lashes has been the exclusive provider of eyelash extensions for celebrity events including The Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmy’s, Cannes Film Festival and the Latin Grammy’s. Additionally, we have been featured in more high-end publications than any other eyelash extension brand in the world!

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*Annual Revenue is based on a successful full-time Lash Stylist, working 5 days per week and 48 weeks per year. Revenue is dependent on skill level, hours worked, market rates, and demand in the area and other factors. This does not include revenue from selling retail products at a typically 100% markup.
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