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Xtreme Lashes® Mission, Vision and Values Statement

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions is proud to be The Global Leader in Eyelash Extensions. We value and appreciate your support and encouragement to maintain this honorable position, and we will continue to strive to delight our clients and consumers.

The following is the Xtreme Lashes® Vision, Mission and Values by which each employee lives by.

Our Vision

To be the revolutionary cosmetic brand: globally recognized and exclusively offered by the world’s leading beauty professionals.

Our Mission

Enriching and empowering lives by delivering on our promise to provide revolutionary beauty products, unparalleled client support, and comprehensive education.

Our Values

Empower and inspire everyone we encounter.
Pour passion into everything we do.
Our pursuit of excellence is driven by the support of and collaboration with our clients and employees.
Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never quit.
The outcome is up to each of us and we want it that way.
Practice honesty and integrity in everything. Demonstrate courage and honor at all times.
Liberate your individuality. Embrace your creativity. Celebrate your success.
Create the standards of excellence for products, services, and education.
Embrace innovation and quality control to stand above the rest.
Because we care.

Our Purpose

Empowering people and enriching lives.

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