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Xtreme Lashes Loyalty Programs

Xtreme Lashes
Loyalty Programs

As a thank you to our loyal Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylists, we offer loyalty programs to strengthen your skills, expand your business, & grow your profits!

All Professional Clients

Eyelash Extension Brand Xtreme Rewards Program

Xtreme Rewards Program

Shop your favorite application supplies & retail products, and get rewarded! With the Xtreme Rewards Program, you receive 5% of your total purchases in Xtreme Rewards™ Points that you can redeem toward the purchase of training programs, select products, and marketing materials¹.

For example, a $100 product purchase would result in 5 Reward Points. Those 5 Reward Points have a value of $5 which can be used towards a future order.

Eyelash Extensions Loyalty Program

Professional Referral Program

Simply spread the word and when your friend signs up for an Xtreme Lashes training program, she will receive $100 off the regular price of the training she enrolls in, and you will receive $100 in Promotional Credit once your friend completes her training2.

Xtreme Lashes Email Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Subscribe, learn & save with our weekly newsletter! You'll receive information on new product launches, lash application tips & techniques, and weekly promos!

Xtreme Lashes Hands-On Trained Stylists

Xtreme Inventory Savings Program

Xtreme Inventory Savings Program

Shop more, save more, and earn more! With the Xtreme Inventory Savings Program you can save up to 32%3 off the already discounted wholesale pricing on all application supplies & aftercare retail products.

Under the direction of Registered Nurse Jo Mousselli, a product development innovation team of pharmacology and toxicology experts, professional lash stylists, technique & curriculum developers, cosmetic chemists, engineers, quality control experts, and customer success management team, our team ensures that all professional application products, supplies, tools and implements, as well as lash extension compatible consumer aftercare products and cosmetics, go through extensive Research and Development and Quality Control testing for performance, compatibility, quality, sanitation, safety, and longevity. With every formula, we aim to combine the best ingredients from science and nature at the highest concentration to achieve maximum efficacy, as well as nourish, rejuvenate, and Extend Your Beauty®.

Purchase all your eyelash extension products and supplies from Xtreme Lashes to maximize your Xtreme Inventory Savings Discount. Please note that dollars spent towards Training purchases do not impact your Inventory Savings Discount and your Inventory Savings Discount can not be used towards the purchase of Training programs.

On the 1st day of each month, we will look back 1 calendar month as well as 12 calendar months at the purchases made by the Account Owner to calculate the Inventory Savings Discount for each Account. The better discount of the two will be given to the Account.


Past Calendar Month (Min.) Past 12 Calendar Months (Min.)
$100 $1,200 10%
$200 $2,400 12%
$300 $3,600 14%
$400 $4,800 16%
$500 $6,000 18%
$600 $7,200 20%
$700 $8,400 22%
$800 $9,600 24%
$900 $10,800 26%
$1,000 $12,000 28%
$1,100 $13,200 30%
$1,200 $14,400 32%
Xtreme Lashes Retail Programs

Retail Affiliate Program

With the Retail Affiliate Program, when your clients shop on the consumer site of and use your unique promo code, you will receive 30% of their purchases4 in the form of Promotional Credit and your clients will save 20% on their entire order as well! Simply promote Xtreme Lashes retail products to your clients. This option is risk-free since you don’t have to worry about overstocking on retail products that you may not be able to sell.

To help promote Xtreme Lashes retail products and make the sale, invest in our Lobby Retail, Merchandising & Marketing Pack that includes retail merchandising displays, testers, and sellable products, as well as marketing materials to enable you to demo all the retail products in all the shades.

Eyelash Extensions Company with Loyalty Programs

Authorized Retailer Program

Maximize the longevity of your clients' extended lashes and increase your profits by retailing Xtreme Lashes specially formulated consumer aftercare products and cosmetics to your clients. Increase your profits while protecting your clients’ extended lashes! Purchase lash extension compatible cosmetics, skincare, & lash care at wholesale pricing; sell to your clients at MSRP to generate at least 100% markup.

Branded Marketing Materials for Promoting Lash Services

Branded Marketing Materials

Entice customers with compelling materials that will leave a lasting impression. Shop our collection of brochures, tabletop displays, posters, postcards, and more to proudly decorate your Lash Studio. Attract and interest new and current clients by showcasing the transforming effect of Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions.

Xtreme Lashes Hands-On Trained,
Certified & Directory Listed Stylist

Lash Stylist Directory Business Support

Lash Stylist Directory

Receive free marketing support from Xtreme Lashes! Thousands of consumers visit the online Lash Stylist Directory every day in search of a Certified Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist in their local area.

To apply for the Directory call your Customer Success Manager at 833-LASHISTA.
Co-Branded Marketing Materials Loyalty Program

Co-Branded Marketing

Achieve instant recognition and credibility by using custom Co-Branded Marketing Materials that allow you to market your business name and logo alongside Xtreme Lashes business name and logo.

Gain access to customized co-branded Xtreme Lashes marketing material (digital assets & print) upon signing the Proprietary Property Agreement (PPA) and meeting insurance requirements.

Call Your Customer Success Manager at 833-LASHISTA to learn more.

Xtreme Loyalty Program Chart4

Loyalty Programs
For Professional Accounts
All Pro
Pro Accounts
With Xtreme Lashes
Trained Stylist(s)
(May or May Not
Be Certified)
Pro Accounts With
Xtreme Lashes
Certified Stylists
Live Lash Stylist Support Hotline X X X
Online Education X X X
Professional Referral Program X X X
Xtreme Rewards™ Program X X X
FREE U.S.5 Shipping on Orders of $150 or More

FREE International6 Shipping on Orders of $250 or More
Branded Marketing Material X X
Authorized Retailer Program X X
Retail Affiliate Program X X
Inventory Savings Program X X
Listing on Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist Directory X
Additional Perks for Directory Listed Pros:
  • Co-Branded Marketing Material:
    Digital/Custom (w/PPA)
1Excluding tax and shipping fees. Some exclusions and limitations apply. Review the Terms & Conditions for Rewards Points
2Excluding tax and shipping. Review the Terms & Conditions for Product and Promotional Credit
3Excluding tax and shipping fees. Review the Terms & Conditions for Xtreme Inventory Savings Program
4Some exclusions and limitations apply.
5Excludes U.S. Territories, HI and AK.
6Includes U.S. Territories, HI and AK.