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Eyelash Extensions Reviews by Xtreme Lashes® Clients

I have always worn lashes but Xtreme has been the best. My lashes look very natural with a pop of wow and I am so pleased. They feel like they are my very own and I get so many compliments. I am way too happy about my Xtreme Lashes. Thanks Jo, for creating such an innovative aspect to beauty. You are a Beauty Icon!
Shanneal – Rochester Hills, NY

My husband said it looked like I had an eyelift. It brightens up the face. It's amazing how your whole perspective of how you look can make such a dramatic change with the lashes. I'm even wearing less make– up. It’s a confidence builder.
Pattie – Houston, TX

I have been on a soap opera for 35 years and spent all those years having eye makeup put on. THEN I met Cheri and my life changed. It has made such a huge difference in my life to have my eyes always looking pretty.
Tina Sloan, Guiding Light TV show – New York, NY

Since chemotherapy I have not felt as beautiful as I felt when I received my full set of lashes. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
A. Goldberg – Denver, CO

WOW what results!! I just came back from Maui where I snorkeled and went swimming everyday with no problems at all.
Teri Engberg – Arlington, WA

[Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions] look real and they last far longer than any other extensions I've ever had. I am a business reporter for Fox 5 news in New York and am in the studio starting at 5 in the morning. Many of my female colleagues use glue– on lashes but I found they leave my eyes red and the lashes never look real, especially after a full day of running around outside.
Lisa Murphy, Fox 5 News NY – New York, NY

They are so natural, you can brush them, get water on them and they are still there, unmoved, totally different from temporary lashes. Ladies I say the investment into Xtreme Lashes is worth the time and money, you won't be disappointed. I considered trying the new drug Latisse, but after trying Xtreme Lashes first, I am convinced [that there is] no need for Latisse.
J.C. – Oakbrook, IL

I recently had surgery by one of the premier surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA. His name is Dr. Garth Fisher. You might recognize his name as he was the first doctor selected for ABC's hit "Extreme Makeover" phenomenon. As I was coming out of surgery Dr. Fisher's anesthesiologist, Dr. Edward Akkaway also an esteemed doctor in the field commented to his colleagues "How gorgeous this girl's lashes were, and who put them on"? I write this because I think it is important to show that these doctors take their work very seriously and recognize quality in the beauty industry. The supreme compliment!
Eva – Houston, TX

I’m absolutely addicted. I work in fashion and deal with people across the industry from celebrities to editors and they all stop and comment on how amazing my lashes are.
Emese Szenasy – New York, NY

First I must say that I love the quality of Xtreme Lashes. I had a full set done and they not only looked great but also they were so nicely done that I had them for a few months. If you have never done lashes, the most important thing is to find a skilled professional.
Georgina Nido – Chicago, IL

I was THRILLED with my eyelash extensions! My husband couldn't figure out what I did. He just kept saying my eyes looked bigger and brighter! They looked and felt extremely natural with or without mascara! Thanks!
Talizmark – Sherman Oaks, CA

I LOVE MY NEW EYELASHES! They make me feel pretty and you don’t even know they’re there until someone compliments you on what beautiful eyes you have. I’m so glad I decided to try eyelash extensions because it is for certain I will never want to be without them ever. Thank you so much!
Sharon – Fishers, IN

They look so real and everyone thinks I am crazy... they say..."those are your lashes...they can't be fake.” I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lashes!
Lilly Brooks – Milwaukee, WI

I never thought that something as miniscule as eyelashes would attract so much attention, but it does! Since I’ve had them I receive compliments frequently from people (who have no clue that they are extensions) commenting on how pretty my eyes are and how jealous they are of my thick, long “natural” lashes.
Chi – Dallas, TX

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