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What every Pro wants to know about Xtreme Lashes Training

What every Pro wants to know about Xtreme Lashes Training

March 8, 2021
Which Career Builder Package (CBP) is best for me?
Based on your skill level and needs, we have 2 packages for you to choose from:
​​​​​​Classic Lash Extension Certification CBP:

Recommended for beginners or those that need a refresher.

4 consecutive days of
Hands-On Training.

Advanced Omni Volume™ Lash Extension Certification CBP:
Recommended for those skilled in Classic Lash and want to advance their career in multi-layer, Mega Volume lash application techniques.

2 consecutive days of
Hands-On Training.

Why is it called a Package? What else is included?

By choosing Xtreme Lashes, you’ll receive the industry’s most comprehensive package for lash application education and setting up your lash career. Our package offers:
  1. Learn, Lash, & Certify via Livestream Training from anywhere–  your home, salon, or even school.
  2. Hands-On Training during which you apply lashes to real models under the direct supervision and guidance of your Certified Xtreme Lashes Trainer.
  3. Over $1900 in FREE supplies, equipment, and furniture.Use them to complete hundreds of lash applications and to generate thousands of dollars in income!
$1900 worth of free supplies included? What are they?
Thousands of lash extensions, Swiss-made precision tweezers, lash application tools and implements, and many more
Professional-grade application products.Professional equipment and furniture you’ll need to immediately set up your lash application station to start generating income right away.

Finally, you’ll also receive Consumer-grade Lash Compatible Aftercare & Cosmetic products to help your clients retain their lashes for longer, while you generate extra revenue from retailing these products.
Do I have to be licensed or credentialed to attend training?
Licensed estheticians, cosmetologists, professional makeup artist, massage therapists, registered nurses, dental and optical professionals are eligible to get trained! If you are a student in one of these professions, we welcome you into our program as well.
Am I legally allowed to apply lashes in my state after I get my certification?
It is your responsibility to research and locate your state statutes and regulations, if any, regarding the practice of eyelash extensions application. Check with your local health department, board of cosmetology, nursing, optical, etc.
Once I certify, do I have to work in a Spa or Salon?
As an Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylist you can operate your own business by renting a booth, get employed at your local salon, studio or medi-spa, and even become a mobile freelancer. The choice is yours.
How will Xtreme Lashes help me get started with earning revenues as a Lash Stylist?
  • You can get listed on our Online Lash Stylist Directory. Thousands of consumers visit it daily looking for a Certified Xtreme Lashes Lash Stylist in their local area.
  • Get started with retailing Xtreme Lashes lash compatible Aftercare & Cosmetics so you can earn additional income alongside lash services.
  • Maintain your Loyal Lashista® Discount so you can enjoy extra savings off wholesale prices every time you repurchase supplies.
  • With every dollar you spend with Xtreme Lashes, you earn reward points that can be used as cash towards future purchases.
  • Receive free ongoing lash application support and business support through our live Lash Stylist Hotline. We’re on call to help you grow your business and increase your profits!
What else do I need to know to solidify my reason to choose Xtreme Lashes for my training and future business needs? 


You can Learn, Lash, & Certify
from Anywhere!


We offer Financing options and interest-free Payment Plans.


Training includes COVID safety tips from CEO Jo Mousselli, RN.


We can promote your business to local lash consumers.

Our Customer Service team is available to you 7 days a week.


Our Training is rated 4.9/5 stars by students!
Enroll by Phone

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