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Choose Your Best Eyeliner Color

Choose Your Best Eyeliner Color

October 10, 2017

Selecting an eyeliner color is often a personal choice, but there are some basic tips that can help to enhance and draw more focus to your eyes. While it’s important to be mindful of hair color and skin tone (whether you have a warm or cool tone), the biggest eyeliner impact comes from coordinating your eyeliner color with your eye color.

What eyeliner color fits you best?

Blue Eyes:

  • Enhance those baby blues with a neutral brown eyeliner like the Xtreme Lashes GliderLiner™ in Xpresso. A neutral brown shade warms up the eyes while still providing a nice contrast to blue.
  • To really make blue eyes pop select a deep blue eyeliner shade, like the Midnight Blue GlideLiner or a dark green, like the Golden Olive GlideLiner.

Green Eyes – Deep earthy eyeliner shades are ideal:

  • Purple undertones like those in the GlideLiner Plum or Black Pearl enhance the green flecks in the eyes.
  • A deep brown like the Xpresso GlideLiner will create warmth and definition.

Hazel Eyes – Select an eyeliner color based on what you want to stand out:

  • As with green eyes, purple shades like Plum and Black Pearl will make green flecks more vibrant.
  • Browns like Xpresso will highlight any brown undertones.
  • Deep blues like the Midnight Blue GlideLiner will bring the focus to any hints of blue in the eyes.

Brown Eyes – Almost any color will do:

  • Browns and purples like Xpresso,  Plum or Black Pearl will intensify brown eyes.
  • Greens like Golden Olive will open them up.
  • Blues like Midnight Blue provide a perfect complimentary combination.

Eyeliner colors in blacks and grey tones, like the Xtreme Black or Graphite GlideLiner pencils, are neutrals that work well with all eye colors. If black seems too harsh for a particular look you’re going for, try the Black Pearl GlideLiner with its subtle plum undertones or the subtler gray of Graphite. To soften a solid black line, smudge it slightly or blend shadow into the line.

All of the above tips translate just as well to lash highlighting (or Eyelighting, as we like to call it) so keep them in mind when choosing any custom colors for your eyelash extensions too! If you do have eyelash extensions, be sure to use only oil-free, eyelash extension compatible eyeliners like the Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Eye Pencils.

Do you have a great eyeliner tip? Share it below and check back for other tips!


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