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Xtreme Lashes: A Luxurious Experience

Xtreme Lashes: A Luxurious Experience

October 26, 2017

As a Lash Stylist, it’s important you create a luxurious experience for your clients to set yourself apart from the competition. Xtreme Lashes embodies luxury, safety, and innovation, so highlight it to your clients with these tips from Jo Mousselli.

A note on creating a luxurious experience from Jo

Create that safe, beautiful, luxurious sanctuary where your client can retreat, relax, and awaken to beautiful, custom-designed, safe, hygienic, and lasting lashes.

Greet your client with a warm smile, dressed professionally with hair pulled back, fingernails trimmed and groomed, wearing classic makeup and classic accessories.

Ensure your lash application station is clean and organized: Disinfect your tweezers; segment your lash extensions; use single-use disposable products; ensure she sees you sanitize your hands and your workstation prior to beginning your lash application.

Provide her with a comfortable bed with clean, soft, and smooth linens. Cover her with a beautiful, soft, and luxurious comforter, and take the time to put a pillow under her neck, and provide lumbar support by placing a pillow under her knees.

Surround her with walls and a ceiling that is free of stains or marks. Creatively decorate your room to complete that luxurious experience.

Turn on some relaxing music to calm and soothe your client.

Ensure you work in a well-ventilated room and utilize the Xtreme Lashes Environmental System, including the Air Cleanse, to eliminate air born dust and adhesive fumes that may be irritating to you or to your client.

Start your lash application with a thorough client consultation and design session.

During your lash application, create a therapeutic environment conducive to physical comfort, open communication, and trust. She may decide to close her eyes and sleep, or she may decide to converse with you, believing everything she shares with you is held in the utmost confidence.

Encourage her to let you know if she feels any discomfort since the application should be pain-free. With minor adjustments, you can eliminate any irritants or discomfort to both you and your client.

End your lash application with an unveiling of your masterpiece. Give her 2 mirrors and show her how to view her extended lashes from all angles: Front, side, top, and bottom.

Empower her to give you feedback. Take that feedback and make those final adjustments by adding or removing a few extensions to solidify satisfaction from your client and to celebrate your masterpiece.

End your lash application with thorough aftercare instructions and send her home with compatible Xtreme Lashes® and Jo Mousselli® color cosmetics and treatment products to protect her investment and Extend her Beauty®.

Give this gift to your clients, and they will compensate you and will refer their friends to you.

Jo Mousselli, RN, BSN

Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Xtreme Lashes

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