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How to display makeup, cosmetics, and skincare in a small salon

How to display makeup, cosmetics, and skincare in a small salon

January 12, 2018

Your mission for the new year is to display makeup, cosmetics, and skincare in your salon more effectively and we’ve got easy how-tos to help you do just that.  If you have a limited amount of space, low on manpower, or entering a busy holiday season, making sure your display gets the attention it deserves is key.

Easy ways to display testers for makeup and skincare

Every beauty buyer wants the chance to test a product they’re considering. An easy way to boost visibility of your tester products is to use Xtreme Lashes branded Display Blocks. These slot-less, versatile blocks are great for displaying wider-based products that can stand on its own. These Display Blocks elevate the product from the table or shelf and distinctly invite some investigation.

Using slot-less display blocks also allow you the freedom to switch things up. You can display the Xtreme Lashes Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser one week, and the Total Repair Eye Serum the next without a hitch. Being able to creatively rotate display products bi-weekly will ensure that your returning clients are always exposed to your latest and greatest. Once you have your client there, ensure that she stays and plays by making sure she has a mirror, disposable applicators, facial tissues, and a waste bin nearby.

Furniture to display makeup, cosmetics, and skincare

Try installing small shelves or using waist-high tables to display testers, boxed units, and any relevant marketing materials like the Xtreme Lashes Beauty Book. An intimate area filled with products displayed at a comfortable height is more inviting and your client is more likely to linger and browse with confidence. Alternatively, armoires also provide a powerful merchandising benefit. We recommend filling the armoire full of boxed units to create an impactful “wall of products” to attract attention. Just be sure to keep testers nearby.

Limit seating in the reception area

Lastly, if you have a large waiting area with lots of seating, magazines, and things to keep your client seated while she waits for her service, you may be doing yourself too much of a disservice. By keeping seating and distractions to a minimum, you’re giving your client an invitation to browse your testers, merchandise, and displays. Just be sure to always be on time for her service so that she’s not kept waiting too long!

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