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Tips for Summer Lash Extensions Care

Tips for Summer Lash Extensions Care

May 31, 2018

This summer, Protective Coating can be your best friend if used correctly. It forms a protective barrier that prevents wear and tear on the adhesive bond, keeping your lashes lasting longer. For us, it’s the quintessential product to have if you need summer lash extensions care. The key is using it correctly.

Apply Protective Coating before going out in the sun just like you would your sunscreen, but only apply it to clean, dry lashes. Additionally, don’t think that the more Protective Coating you apply, the better it’s going to work. You really shouldn’t apply it any more than three times a week max, and when using it, apply it sparingly. It’s not necessary to apply more than one coat over the same area. Less really is more.

Summer Lash Extensions Care & Sunscreen

Oil-based skincare products like sunscreen have a bad reputation for breaking down the adhesive, so if possible, look for a sunscreen with an oil-free formula. When applying sunscreen to your face, be careful not to get any on your lash extensions. Be just as careful when washing sunscreen from your face too. Using a washcloth can help you avoid contact with your lash extensions.

If you’re spending time outdoors in the heat, sweat can cause sunscreen to run onto your lash extensions which can compromise their longevity. You should cleanse your lashes right away with Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser after coming inside, and cleanse them well. Use the Mini Fan to dry your lashes thoroughly to prevent excessive exposure to water. And another tip: Try wearing a headband, cap or visor. This will help reduce excess perspiration and further protect your skin and your summer lash extensions.

What you need to know this Summer

  1. Excessive exposure to water as well as friction caused by the movement in the water while swimming can affect the longevity of your eyelash extensions.
  2. If you plan on swimming more regularly, you may consider scheduling more frequent Relash™ visits.
  3. Discuss summer design options with your lash stylist. Your lash stylist will be able to adjust your lash extension length, curvature and diameter without compromising volume to help you maintain your lashes and protect their longevity.
  4. Carry the handheld Mini Fan with you to the pool and beach. You can use this to help dry and fluff your lashes while outside and immediately upon cleansing when your return indoors. It is also a great way to stay cool as you enjoy the outdoors.

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