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A Successful Customer Relationship Takes Time

A Successful Customer Relationship Takes Time

December 7, 2017

Building a successful customer relationship extends beyond her lash application. Think of the best customer service experience you’ve ever had, chances are that you were treated like royalty even after you paid for your services. Not only that, but the treatment was consistent every time you went back. Going that extra mile is very important, especially when you are trying to create a successful customer relationship. When a client leaves your salon, you want their mind to be made up already! Don’t let them walk out wondering if they’ll come back; satisfied customers already know they’ll return.

Building A Successful Customer Relationship After Applying Her Lashes

You’re officially done applying her lashes and they look great! But the client experience is far from over. Keep these three things in mind after her lash application:

Compliment her on the enhanced look and take the opportunity to highlight the value of maintaining her lashes. Present aftercare kit options based on what your client expresses before the application and her individual needs. A good rule of thumb is to combine an aftercare option into your new client promotions to simplify your pitch and increase sales. Make sure your client is taking proper care of their eyelash extensions at home by reviewing the Aftercare Guide with them before they leave. Remember, if they aren’t buying the required aftercare products, then you aren’t able to guarantee your work. Also, ensure that she is following the proper application and removal process of each of these products by having your client demonstrate the proper cleansing motions and techniques.

Remind your client to use cosmetic products that are compatible with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions one more time as they head out. When possible, include samples of the products you have used on her today with a coupon. Use the Jo Mousselli® Skin Renewing™ Concealer at the end of the application to leave her under eye area looking flawless when she leaves and takes on the rest of her busy day. Impress her by taking note of her makeup when she walks through the door and tailor your product suggestions to match her style. Track her purchases and record any sale of retail products in the Application Summary Log of your Client Profile System. Monitor the shelf life of each product sold to ensure you know when your client’s products need to be refreshed. Tracking purchases also helps you develop effective sales tools, manage your inventory, and assist you when troubleshooting. At the end of the appointment, ask for your client’s email in exchange for exclusive savings. As your client is getting ready to leave, be sure to answer any more questions and be as helpful as possible.

Follow up with clients after purchases and lash visits. Schedule her Relash™ appointment before she leaves your salon so she can come see you when her lashes start to shed. It’s best to reach out when it’s almost time for another visit, as this may remind her that she needs to come see you again!  Make it worth her while by combining a special or promotion if she schedules the next visit ahead of time. Communication is the bread and butter of building customer loyalty, so call her to follow up on how the extensions have been doing since the application. Remember she is more than just a client, she’s someone that you want to build a real relationship with. Talk to her about her weekend, recall past conversations you had with her and follow up on them, the better you communicate with your clients, the more likely they will return.

Remember, a successful customer relationship requires time and effort, so keep up the good work and you will soon reap the benefits! Make sure to share any other customer loyalty tips you may have below, and check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our Customer Loyalty series.

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