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Tools to Boost Profits for Lash Stylists

Tools to Boost Profits for Lash Stylists

June 21, 2021
Why stop at Classic Lashing? With the right tools, you can expand your Service Menu and add extra value to your retail assortment. Check out this week’s top tools for boosting your bottom line now.


Tools for Classic & Volume
Easily add to your Service Menu if your go-to tweezers are the Ceramic Angled and Z-Curve. 


Both created for Single-Layer™ and Volumation® lash work.Crafted in Switzerland and best-sellers from the ProComfort® family, you’ll be more than willing to give everything else the boot.


Tools for Eye Design
Recommend the Eye Essentials Brush Set to clients interested in your GlideShadow™ Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks.


Designed for use with GlideShadow, yet suitable for all eyeshadow formulas.


Retailing complementary products is a great way to add value and boost profits.


 How do I prevent my lashes from sticking? I can’t see where things are going wrong.

Use the Application Mirror to review your work and check for sticking lashes throughout your application. To use, place the mirror above your client’s cheek so that it’s directly facing the eye. Next, lift your client’s eyelid to check for sticking and even symmetry!

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