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Want Loyal Customers? Start With The Perfect Application

Want Loyal Customers? Start With The Perfect Application

December 1, 2017

Applying the perfect lash design to your customer is a pretty time intensive task. So, use this time wisely to create loyal customers! As you spend more time with your customer, work towards developing a relationship with her. You want everyone that comes to your salon to be excited about spending time with you!

Relationship building is key to a loyal customer’s heart

We created these three proven tips to help you get more happy and loyal customers:

Make her feel comfortable on your application table. Play soothing music, provide aromatherapy and an ideal room temperature. These small details will help you gain loyalty with your customers. If she prefers to stay awake during applications engage in light and friendly conversation. Get her to talk about herself and take mental notes. Does she have any kids? What are her favorite things? Any big events coming up? Knowing this will help you customize her experience and convert her to a loyal customer. Create new opportunities to talk with your client about what inspires them and apply the feedback you receive to improve future experiences.

Integrate eyelash extension compatible products. Choose skincare, makeup and under eye patches based on the conversation you had with your client before her application. By applying the total eye repair serum during the application, you’ll leave your client feeling pampered all while introducing her to an improved regimen. Showcase your personal cosmetology skills using a GlideLiner™ shade that highlights her eyes or the Skin Renewing™ Concealer to make her look refreshed after the application. Addressing her customized needs will build her trust and show her you really care.

Keep your clients coming back with before and after pictures of her eyelashes to help her get a better visual of your work. These photos can also assist you in tracking any changes in her natural eyelash criteria. Often times, the natural eyelashes become healthier while wearing Xtreme Lashes eyelashes extensions, which is a great benefit that can be emphasized even more with pictures. Always document and address the changes with your client. This is a great way to gain her trust and loyalty.

Every client interaction is important and leaves a lasting impression, so make it a great one! Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 3 of our Customer Loyalty series and share different tips below that have resonated with your loyal customers!

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