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Eyelash Extension Safety Tips from a Nurse

Eyelash Extension Safety Tips from a Nurse

August 24, 2020
What is Personal Protective Equipment? Also called PPE, Personal Protective Equipment refers to wearable equipment designed to protect individuals from exposure to, or contact with infectious pathogens.
By using the right PPE and following strict sanitation and disinfection policies and procedures, you can continue to provide lashes to your clients.


Follow these tips from CEO Jo Mousselli, RN and apply lashes with confidence! Prior to founding Xtreme Lashes in 2005, Jo spent a decade as a Pediatric ICU Nurse.

In an article by the CDC, counterfeit N95 respirators masks are flooding the market. Protect yourself by purchasing from legitimate sources offering FDA-cleared masks only.

Limit exposure to infectious pathogens during your cycle of service by watching these 4 videos.

To offset additional expenses incurred from your PPE and attire, cleaning supplies, and extra time spent maintaining safety protocols, policies, and procedures, consider adding a “COVID-19 FEE” to every service.

Get in-depth information about the benefits of using proper PPE during lash applications in the Xtreme Safety & Sanitation Webinar hosted by Jo Mousselli, RN.



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