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Retail? How Lash Stylists can earn even more

Retail? How Lash Stylists can earn even more

January 18, 2021
Generate $6579* in retail sales with the lash industry’s best retail starter pack!

Shop the Lobby Retail, Merchandising, & Marketing Pack

This mega retail package contains inventory for you to sell, testers for you to demo with, compact acrylic displays, and marketing/sales tools. Made for spaces big and small. This retail package was designed for Lash Studios of every size.

By purchasing this pack, you’ll save 25% versus if you were to purchase everything separately!

*When items are sold at MSRP.
Image credit: @lashline_studio

How do I track my clients’ lash health? 
Along with using the Consultation & Design Form, another helpful to-do is to take before and after photos of every application in order to track the long-term health of your client’s natural lashes. Plus, this can also help you create a lash portfolio by default.

Take before and after pictures of their eyes closed with the under eye patch on. By covering the lower lash line, you can better see the upper lash line without anything else getting in the way. This makes monitoring lash health a lot easier.

Next, take photos without the under eye patches. This gives you a more polished look that’s great for your portfolio, website, and social media page.
CEO Jo Mousselli, RN recommends adding a small watermark to every photo before posting it online. This helps protect your work and intellectual property.

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