A brief review of the following:
  • Client Consultation
  • Basic Design Competency
  • Eyelash Extensions Application and Removal

Concepts of Design Theory
  • Utilizing a holistic approach to lash design that complements the client’s facial features
  • Holistically customizing lash designs based on natural eyelash criteria, eye shape, eyelid platform, eye color, brow shape, and skin tone
  • Utilizing different lengths, diameters, curvatures, and colors to enhance design
  • Adjusting the Area of Emphasis™ and frame for different eye shapes
  • Attachment techniques for different natural eyelash types
  • Becoming proficient in design customization

Complete up to 4 full lash applications under the supervision and guidance of your Certified Xtreme Lashes Trainer

Hands-On Eyelash Extensions Applications
  • Up to 4 full lash applications under the supervision and guidance of your Certified Xtreme Lashes Trainer

Methods of Enhancing Eye Shape
  • Customizing lash designs based on each client's eye shape and design preference
  • Strategies for enhancing eye shapes
  • Creating the illusion of different eye shapes
  • Effectively managing clients’ design expectations while following safe application guidelines

In-Depth Overview of Natural Eyelash Types
  • Designing for various natural eyelash types, including downward-pointing, straight, curly, coarse, fine, and light-colored natural eyelashes
  • Application strategies to maximize design opportunities for each natural eyelash type
  • Success strategies for applying to difficult natural eyelashes

Introducing Color into Lash Design
  • Enhancing facial features by incorporating color eyelash extensions
  • Effective color transition techniques

Evaluating Eyelash Extensions Longevity
  • Overview of eyelash extensions longevity and determining appropriate lash retention
  • Strategies to monitor and assess natural eyelash shedding
  • Identifying signs of poor aftercare and poor application techniques

Conducting a Relash™ Application
  • Overview of Relash applications and their importance
  • How to complete a Relash application
  • Strategies to monitor and protect the long-term health of the client’s natural eyelashes

Additional Application Techniques
  • Utilizing Taping for Separation techniques to make hard-to-reach natural eyelashes more accessible
  • Identifying application speed to establish appropriate application times for each appointment
  • Establishing pricing for eyelash extensions services

  • Effectively determining the cause of and resolving:
    • Common client concerns
    • Common application errors

Application and Retail Product Knowledge
  • Learn about the ingredients, features, and benefits to our products that can be used to enhance your applications and protect you and your clients’ investment into eyelash extensions
    • The Xtreme Lashes Aftercare Guide

Retailing Eyelash Extensions Compatible Cosmetics
  • Retail strategies on how to educate consumers on extending eyelash extensions longevity and maintaining proper eye hygiene by learning:
    • The Xtreme Lashes Retail Guide
    • The Xtreme Lashes Aftercare Guide
    • Ingredient Dictionary
    • Product knowledge and application instructions
    • Potential revenue

Professional Image and Salon Management
  • Strategies for managing a salon and creating a professional image, focusing on establishing the following areas:
    • Retail guidelines
    • Marketing and promoting
  • Lash Stylist etiquette

Evaluation, Support and Feedback
  • Individualized assistance throughout the training program
  • Continuous trainer evaluation and feedback to build confidence and increase skill level

Certification Requirements

Complete all Online Lessons prior to attending the Hands-On Certification Course. Demonstrate your skills in creating a proper frame and safely and seamlessly apply 20+ lashes per eye in 2.5 hours - beginning with pre-application consultation and ending with thorough aftercare instructions. Students must score a 90 or above on their evaluation to qualify for Certification and Directory listing.

Xtreme Lashes Certified Trainers assess the following to determine if each eyelash extension is seamlessly applied:

  • No eyelashes sticking together
  • No broken, loose, or hanging eyelash extension bases
  • No gaps in between the natural eyelash and eyelash extension attachment area
  • Eyelash extensions attached with the eyelash extension tip pointing upwards, not leaning outside the frame
  • Eyelash extension attached 1mm from the eyelid
  • Eyelash extension attached using the proper attachment technique based on the chosen adhesive
  • Eyelash extension attached using the Side or Wrapping Attachment technique
  • Correct eyelash extension applied based off the natural eyelash criteria
  • Correct amount of adhesive used
    • Common signs of overusing adhesive are: excessive sticking, roughness to the area, and caps of adhesive at lash line.
      • When overusing FlexFusion with Rapid Cure Technology Purple or FlexFusion Original adhesive, the adhesive will dry purple rather than clear.
  • Properly execute the entire Xtreme Lashes application process including, but not limited to the following:
    • Maintaining a sanitary work environment and an organized station
    • Client selection & preparation for eyelash extensions application
    • Completing a thorough client consultation utilizing the Xtreme Lashes Client Profile System
    • Minimizing irritation by using the Xtreme Lashes Application Environment System
    • Proper client and Lash Stylist positioning and posture
    • Executing the complete Xtreme Lashes Cleansing and Priming process to prepare eyelashes for application
    • Proper selection and placement of the under eye patches to cover lower eyelashes
    • Measurement of the client’s natural eyelashes for the correct selection of lengths, diameters, and curvatures of eyelash extensions
    • Proper application techniques, including:
      • Frame and Design
      • Isolation
      • Pickup
      • Adhesive Coating
      • Attachment
    • Eyelash Extensions Removal
    • Complete a thorough aftercare demonstration
    • Documentation and systematic record keeping utilizing the Xtreme Lashes Client Profile System
  • Verbally demonstrate understanding in the following:
    • Xtreme Lashes application process and techniques
    • Safe application practices
    • Retail knowledge
    • Common troubleshooting questions