Multipurpose Wipes (50 pack)

Multipurpose Wipes (50 pack)

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About Multipurpose Wipes (50 pack)

Achieve quick or detailed cleansing of your tools with these disposable Multipurpose Wipes. These specialty wipes are thin, flexible, and absorbent making them ideal for many uses.

Pack of 50. 5cm x 5cm.

Lash Stylist:

  • Clean your eyelash extension adhesive bottle's inducer and cap to minimize clogging of the inducer and to prevent the cap from adhering to the outside of the inducer
  • Wipe your Adhesive Tray prior to lash application to remove dust or debris
  • Saturate with acetone to remove residual adhesive from your tweezers, scissors, and other tools
  • Saturate with alcohol and use to wipe the tweezers, scissors, and other tools as part of your application station prep and setup to ensure a safe and sanitary application
  • Remove excess gel from the edge of the gel patches to prep for eyelash extension application


Cleaning Adhesive Bottle Cleaning Precision Tools Buffing Adhesive Tray Removing Under Eye Patch Gels
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Xtreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli Multipurpose Wipes (50 pack) Product #: 4.5 In stock! Multipurpose Wipes (50 pack)