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Eyelash Primer – A must-have or nice to have?

Eyelash Primer – A must-have or nice to have?

July 29, 2018

If you use Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Primer and can’t see anything happening, is the product working? This topic has come up many times in our Training Programs. Another popular question about the Eyelash Primer is, “Will using Eyelash Primer really make a difference?” The answer is YES! And it’s a must-have.

Time is Money

As Lash Stylists, if you’re able to apply lashes faster and achieve stronger attachment, that’s definitely hitting the jackpot. For Consumers, when eyelash extensions last longer, it’s definitely money well-spent.

eyelash primer

The Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Primer was designed to help you achieve instant fixture/attachment time (great for you) and promote eyelash extension longevity (great for your client). It does this by dissolving residual oils and optimizing natural eyelash pH to promote eyelash extension attachment. In short, this unique solution preps the natural lash cuticle so you can achieve stronger adhesion and faster attachment.

Eyelash Primer & the Lash Client

Improve your chances for a successful and long-lasting application by learning more about your Client during the consultation process. If your Client uses heavy moisturizers around the eye area, your main objective is to prime and saturate her natural lashes thoroughly. This helps to ensure maximum removal of any oils or skincare that prohibits fast attachment and strong adhesion.

Other factors you’ll want to know

Keep in mind, eyelash extension longevity is dependent on many things- it’s not just about priming. 

  1. If you need a technique refresher, log in to the Xtreme Lashes Academy to watch our Adhesive Coating Technique and Eyelash Extension Attachment tutorial.
  2. Create an ideal application room environment by using the Environmental Safety System. Ensure that humidity levels are between 45% to 60% to reduce airborne adhesive fumes and the potential for adverse reactions/allergies.
  3. Build 15 extra minutes into the end of every application to go over thorough Aftercare procedures and products with every client.

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