March 2008 Lash Stylist Of The Month - Natalie Harrison

Inside the ethereal Halo Salon & Spa, in the newly renovated downtown area of St. Louis, MO, is the soothing, private room where Natalie Harrison applies her lash artistry. Operating as The Lash Loft, Natalie is “Lashing Out In The Lou”, extending the beauty® of St. Louis’ finest one lash at a time. Although much of her professional career was spent in Corporate America (she has a Masters in Management), Natalie switched gears in 2004 to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. She began a partnership with Halo Salon through owner Hope Lynn by interning as a makeup artist. The on the job experience led her to an interest in eyelash extensions.

To check out the service in person she went to a local salon for an application by a stylist working with a well known (non-Xtreme) brand of extensions. “They didn’t last 2 weeks,” she says with disappointment. She knew there had to be a better way. Halo owner Hope suggested she look into Xtreme Lashes®, a brand she had seen great results from before. After calling and finding the customer service to be “phenomenal” she signed up for an April 2007 training in Dallas, TX.

Natalie says she was hooked from the beginning. The tips and stories from her trainer provided the motivation she needed to launch a business focused exclusively on Xtreme Lashes® services. She solidified her techniques by auditing an additional Xtreme Lashes® training in July 2007 in St. Louis. The Lash Loft has since been featured performing an application on video by St. Louis radio station Magic 104.9 and Natalie was asked to speak on air about Xtreme Lashes®. Her lashes have also been raved about on Associated Content.

Natalie’s unique advertising concepts have been instrumental in getting her business off the ground quickly. At Halo she hosts events like Xtreme Happy Hour, where clients learn about the lashes while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and take home glam goodie bags that include discount offers. She also participates in Radio Rewards, offering her services for half off through a limited number of gift certificates available via radio station 104.9. In exchange, she has received numerous mentions on the station and a Friday afternoon live Q&A spot. Custom designed flyers sent out via direct mail have brought in a number of additional clients. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Natalie is planning to expand in the coming year by opening up a separate location for The Lash Loft, while continuing to work with her friends at Halo.

Ultimately, Natalie’s goal is to build a successful legacy for her two children, Timothy (16) and Dominique (14). As a single mom she wants to give them a foundation and a future through her business endeavors. Family and children are the cornerstones in her life. When she’s not lashing out, Natalie can be found traveling to Dallas to visit with her sisters or being a leader for the local area youth with the Greater St. Louis Girl Scouts organization.

Her future plans include upgrading her skills with an Xtended Education workshop and an Advanced Training. Natalie is excited about learning everything she can and feels it’s necessary to get all sides of the industry, from the business to the technique, down perfect. “I like knowing that the company is supporting me and is there for me every step of the way. I think that’s what makes Xtreme stand out from any other company.”

Clients of Natalie’s say her services are a real stand out too as evidenced by their testimonials:

"I loved my Xtreme Lashes! With them I felt flirty and fun. Other people could see it too. Men started to wink at me and I winked back with my new lashes!" 
Tiffany Hayes (10/4/2007)

"Wonderful Experience. Not only did my Xtreme Lashes® appear natural but the fullness of them gave my eyes a very distinct and original look." 
- Rochelle Anderson (10/4/2007)

"They were FANTASTIC! My Xtreme Lashes were like me to the 100th power! The look brought out my features. I've had other lashes before but nothing like Xtreme.”
- Suzie Lorthridge (10/5/2007)

"I enjoyed the GET UP & GO freedom with the lashes. You look and feel good all the time.”
- Michelle Player (10/11/2007)