Introduce your clients to Xtreme Lashes cosmetics and aftercare products and receive Promotional Credit for every sale when your customers shop online. No physical inventory required.

Get your clients to shop on the consumer site of XTREMELASHES.COM and receive 10% of their purchase value (before taxes and shipping) in the form of Promotional Credit!1 As a bonus, referred consumers will receive 10% off their entire order as well!

Referral tracking will be done through the use of your very own custom promo code which must be entered during the checkout process. Share your promo code with anyone interested in purchasing retail products and get rewarded.

This program does not affect salons and Lash Stylists who currently sell Xtreme Lashes retail products at their facility; you can continue to sell retail products in your salon in addition to participating in this program if you choose.

  • A custom promo code. Contact Xtreme Lashes at 877-244-5274 to request your code.
  • Xtreme Lashes Testers Displays filled with tester products to enable clients to test products before they buy. Tight on space? Place samples of each product in Xtreme Lashes Display Cups or directly on the shelf. To maximize your sales potential, continually replenish tester products, disposable applicators and marketing materials. Keep testers in every lash room in addition to your waiting area.

  • The more the consumer you referred shops, the more Promotional Credit you will receive; there is no limit to how much Promotional Credit you can receive!
  • Setup multiple promo codes and distribute them among your staff. For example, you can setup a unique promo code for each of your stylists and even front desk personnel.

Promotional Credit is calculated monthly and added to your account on the 10th day of the second month following the month during which the consumer purchased products using your promo code.

You will also receive a monthly email listing consumers (first name and initial of last name) that used your promo code and how much Promotional Credit you received. Additionally, if you have multiple promo codes under your account, your promo code usage report will outline credits received through each member of your staff.

  • Contact Xtreme Lashes via email or phone (877-244-5274) to request your custom promo code.
  • Every promo code must start with the letters XL. Subsequent words may be chosen by you as long as the promo code contains a minimum of 4 characters (maximum is 16 characters). For example, XLJane or XLJanesLashSpa.
  • Duplicate promo codes and promo codes with inappropriate language are not allowed. Xtreme Lashes reserves the right to reject any name at its sole discretion.

  • Put a Tester Display in every application room and in the front of the salon.
  • Get a unique promo code for every Lash Stylist, receptionist and even other beauty professionals at your salon.
  • Show and teach each lash customer how and why to use the essential after care products before she leaves the salon.
  • Using your computer, client’s tablet or mobile device, encourage her to log into xtremelashes.com and create an order before she leaves, using your promo code.
  • It is simple and takes only a few minutes. If your client has a PayPal account, the process will go even faster.
  • It is more likely that your client will get the products that she needs if you help her place her order before she leaves your salon. However, if time does not permit, then your client may use your promo code from her home, to receive her 10% discount. This promo code can be used by your client whenever she wishes to use it.

  1. Can Promotional Credit be used for Training Programs? Yes, Promotional Credit received through this program can be used for any purchases.
  2. Can I give the promo code to people that are not my customers? Yes, you can give your promo code to as many potential buyers as you wish.
  3. Can I advertise my promo code on my website? Yes, as long as the active link to XtremeLashes.com is hyperlinked in the term Eyelash Extensions, as in, "Visit Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions website and use my promo code XLJane for 10% off your entire order!".
  4. Can I advertise my promo code in Google? Yes.
  5. Can promo codes be combined with another? Depends, certain promo codes can be combined for additional savings.
  6. May I use the 10% promotional code to order from my account? No, the promotional code is only valid on Consumer Orders placed on the Xtreme Lashes Consumer website.
  7. How many promo codes can I have? You can have 1 promo code per stylist, plus 6 additional promotional codes that may be created for your key holder, receptionist, and other beauty professionals in your salon, etc. If you are creating promo codes for multiple Lash Stylists, display the Xtreme Lashes Merchandizing Tester Display in every lash room as well as the salon waiting area!
  8. If a consumer I refer uses another promo code, may I receive Promotional Credit? No, in order for you to receive Promotional Credit, the consumer must use one of your personalized promo codes during the checkout process.
  9. What if the consumer I refer forgets to enter the promotional code? You would not receive Promotional Credit for any order that is finalized without your promo code. Orders cannot be changed or modified once they are finalized.
  10. When will I receive my emailed report? You will receive your monthly report the 10th of every month.
  • Taxes and shipping are excluded from the Promotional Credit reward calculation.
  • Multiple promo codes can be used in one order.
  • If a consumer returns or otherwise is credited for the original order, the amount of Promotional Credit for the salon/Lash Stylist is adjusted down accordingly. Xtreme Lashes reserves the right to authorize consumer returns/refunds at its sole discretion.
  • Xtreme Lashes reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time at its sole discretion.
  • Xtreme Lashes reserves the right to suspend any customer from this program at any time for any reason.


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