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Eyelash Extensions

Xtreme Lashes® Celebrity Online Publications

Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions has been featured in numerous online publications. Below you will find various online publications from across the world highlighting the exciting new eyelash extension service by Xtreme Lashes®.

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Celebrity Applications Celebrity Events Online Publications
Print Publications Videos & TV Press Releases

NBC Dallas

(above) NBC Dallas puts eyelash extensions from Xtreme Lashes on their "Want This" hit list saying, "Xtreme Lashes® by Jo Mousselli will take your look to new lengths..."

Houston's City Secrets

(above) Houston's City Secrets visits with Advanced Certified Lash Stylist Ebony Sparks of Etsetera Lash Studio for an inside look at Xtreme Lashes: "the extensions provide a sense of confidence and beauty to those who have want to achieve new look and sense of themselves."

The Pulse Magazine

(above) Xtreme Lashes Certified Stylist Kristin Bates makes the top ten of The Pulse Magazine's People To Watch in 2010 for her business success with GoBare Salon , specializing in Xtreme Lashes. "From July to September, we received 75 new clients, and we've been steadily growing ever since," said Kristin.

Beauty Decade on Xtreme Cosmetics

(above) Beauty Decade takes a look at the Xtreme Lashes cosmetics line. "They have great mascaras, that leave your lashes looking beautiful yet classy and natural. Their eye liners are so soft to go on, that they simply glide onto your waterline."

Women's Mafia

(above) Xtreme Lashes GlideLiner Eye Pencils are the tops with makeup artists according the look Women's Mafia recently took 'Inside A Professional Makeup Artist's Kit' with Lora Condon. The GlideLiners made Lora's list of products she'll "never be without on set" and she says, "I’ve finally found a pencil that stays put all day long."

Pro Beauty Australia

(above) Professional Beauty Australia talks with Xtreme Lashes Australia about the launch of the revolutionary XL FlexFusion® Adhesive in Australia.

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(above) The Bliss Book, showcasing the hottest styles in hair and makeup, presents the latest look for brides in a pictorial featuring Xtreme Lashes by Kathleen Champagne of Tricho Salon & Spa in Ann Arbor, MI. "For those of you who want great lashes on a daily basis or for your event, and want them to look natural and be an extension of what you already have, this is perfect."

Scene B Seen

(above) The fashionistas over at Scene B Seen say their Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions applied by Advanced Certified Stylist Clementina Richardson of Envious Lashes in New York, NY are "worth the splurge" and warn others: "Once you have them done, you too will become a LASH ADDICT."

D Magazine

(above) D Magazine's Kristen Hull dishes, "I’m in Love With My Xtreme Lash Extensions by Michelle Vi. And this ain’t no sleazy fling. It’s full-fledged, all-out love." Kristen checked out Xtreme Lashes from Michelle vi at Lash Envy in Plano, TX.

Pro Beauty Australia

(above) Professional Beauty Australia highlights a meet & greet between Xtreme Lashes President & Founder Jo Mousselli and Xtreme Stylists in Australia.

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(above) Ralph Lauren's daughter Dylan says she's obsessed with Xtreme Lashes in her write up on Vogue. Dylan has her Xtreme Lashes applied by Ria Hountas-Pagliara in New York.

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(above) An Xtreme Lashes video takes first place in the WE Magazine Video Competition! The purpose of the competition was to showcase women, like Xtreme's President Jo Mousselli, in various roles whether it be business, civic or personal endeavors.

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(above) Celebrity Hair fanatics at Hair on The Brain loved checking out the new Xtreme Lashes on The Hills' star Holly Montag. Holly had the lashes applied for her birthday celebration by Calma Yom at The Parlour on 3rd in LA,

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(above) The Hills' Holly Montag shows off the Xtreme Lashes she had applied for her birthday celebration by Calma Yom at The Parlour on 3rd in LA,

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(above) Inside Fashion World features the Inspiring leader of Xtreme Lashes, company president Jo Mousselli.

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(above) President and Founder of Xtreme Lashes, Jo Mousselli recognized in WE Magazine for creating a business that empowers and enriches lives worldwide.

Chicago Girly Girl

(above) "Flutter uses the Xtreme Lashes® line which is the highest quality product available. I made the mistake of trying other products in the past because I was traveling and I was sorely disappointed," says Chicago Girly Girl. The Girly Girl crew loves their Xtreme Lashes from Flutter Lash Studio in Chicago, IL.

Marketing Forecast

(above) Industry observers at Marketing Forecast recognize the successful use of crowdsourcing to solicit names for the new XL FlexFusion® Adhesive from Xtreme Lashes.

Jamaica Observer Eyelash Extensions

(above) The Jamaica Observer checks out Xtreme Lashes as part of their college makeover feature on "the best beauty secrets to look and feel great all semester."

Glamour Magazine Eyelash Extensions

(above) Petra Guglielmetti, beauty contributor at Glamour Magazine, talks up the Xtreme Lashes she had applied for her wedding by Advanced Certified Lash Stylist Cheri Wroblewski at Lash Boutique in New York, NY (the hot lash spot for the Glamour beauty team). Petra tells her readers, "...lash extensions ARE worth every penny."

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(above) Business news site brand-e talks about Xtreme Lashes' innovative use of crowdsourcing to clients to find a name for the new XL FlexFusion Adhesive.

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(above) In a feature on the options for lasting lashes, the Arizona Star recommends Xtreme Lashes for "Long-lasting extensions."

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(above) USA Today highlights Xtreme Lashes' creative use of crowdsourcing for the naming of the new XL FlexFusion™ Adhesive.

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(above) "I found myself leaving the house forgetting mascara most days (gasp)...," said Center City Style Examiner Michelle Conron of her experience with Xtreme Lashes applied by Ashley Gadille at Salon Thalia in Philadelphia, PA.

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(above) "No makeup? No problem for reality show star Torrie Wilson," says KHOU Houston about Torrie's adventure through the jungle on the hit show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" with the help of Xtreme Lashes.

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(above) The beauty reviewers at fell in love with Xtreme Lashes after watching one of our videos and said, " looks amazing."

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(above) The Commercial Appeal in Memphis featured a complete makeover on one of their readers, including Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions applied by Lash Stylist Brandi Hardin of Esthetiques in Memphis, TN.

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(above) A writer at Above the Fray satisfies her quest for Betty Davis eyes with a visit to Xtreme Lashes® Educator and Advanced Certified Lash Stylist Ignacia Garcia at Flutter Lash Studio in Chicago, IL. "...getting ready in the morning is a breeze. I brush on a bit of eye-shadow and fly out the door with illustrative lashes shrouding my eyes with a tint of mystery. A thousand coats of mascara couldn’t even come close to my 'Bette Davis eyes.'"

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(above) Beauty Tipsy tells readers how a stint in the hospital turned her Xtreme Lashes® indulgence into an absolute "must-have". "After spending a week in the hospital and being asked about my lashes daily, I've decided that lash extensions are an investment that's well worth the cost!"

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(above) Living Magazine checked out Xtreme Lashes® during their quest for the utlimate mascara and found, "not only did they carry a lash extending mascara, but several other products to give lovely lashes even more length."

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(above) The social networking site Cougar Candy Store features Xtreme Lashes® in their quest for eyes that would stop the big bad wolf dead in his tracks. The article, 'What Big Eyes You Have', picks Xtreme Lashes® as the way to go "if you are looking for a dramatic change."

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(above) The Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors, ICMAD, chose Jo Mousselli, Xtreme Lashes® President and Founder, for a spotlight feature. "Xtreme Lashes enriches and empowers lives by delivering on its promise to provide innovative beauty products, unparalleled support and comprehensive education... Jo’s attributes and values have made Xtreme Lashes® very successful and a reputable name in eyelash extensions... She believes there is no substitute for quality training and education, making it mandatory. If the end-consumer isn’t happy, if the application isn’t safe, if the lashes don’t look beautiful, if the results aren’t dramatic and lasting—then there is no eyelash extension industry."

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(above) Vancouver's North Shore Outlook discusses The Cinderella Project, an organization that helps underprivileged high school students graduate in style. As one of this year's sponsors, La Donna Fina spa in West Vancouver treated one lucky young lady to an application of Xtreme Lashes®, applied by Advanced Certified Lash Stylist Dolena Thompson.

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(above) The online fashion magazine Second City Style takes Xtreme Lashes® for a test run with Certified Trainer and Advanced Lash Stylist Ignacia Garcia at the grand opening of Chicago's Flutter Lash Studio. Reporter Carol Calacci says, "If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one beauty item... it no longer would be mascara! That's how I feel now that I have eyelash extensions..."

Beauty Style Watch Eyeshine

(above) The fabulous Bender sisters, fashion & makeup gurus of the celebrity world, checked out Wishful Blinking Eyeshines for their popular Beauty Style Watch website. "Just a little dab with the wand and voila! You’re a glam gal."

CBS News Eyelash Extensions

(above) "If the eye is the window to the soul then window treatments are the hottest spring fashion." CBS 11 News Dallas takes a look at the lengths women are going to for longer lashes with Xtreme Lashes® Certified Professional Lash Stylist Anne Pham at The Lash Couture in Frisco, TX.

Washington Post Eyelash Extensions

(above) "For a lasting lash fix, the fastest method is extensions...," according to Express Night Out, a division of The Washington Post. The paper met with Xtreme Lashes® Stylists from the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Chevy Chase, MD to check out Xtreme Lashes® for a special "Fringe Binge" expose.

Glamour Magazine Eyelash Extensions

(above) Baze Mpinja, a beauty contributor at Glamour Magazine, had her first experience with Xtreme Lashes® on April 7th, when she had her lashes styled by Master Stylist Noor Daoudi in New York. On the Glamour website, Bazi said, "I'm so sold on these babies! ...for a major event like a wedding, I think they’re worth squeezing into the budget."

Essence Eyelash Extensions

(above) Pamela Edwards, beauty editor at Essence, had Xtreme Lashes® applied for her upcoming wedding by Master Lash Stylist Noor Daoudi. She included her experience as part of her "Countdown to I Do" objectives on the Essence website. "I only have one beauty stipulation—individual lashes. They’re so glamorous... and I now don’t have to worry about a lot of eye makeup on the big day."

Aging Fabulous Eye Shines

(above) Aging Faulous, part of Splendicity, a site featuring the latest trends in fashion and beauty, raved about the new Wishful Blinking Eye Shine™ from Xtreme Lashes®. "...the eyelids, for us gals who are all about aging fabulously, look nice and give the eyes an instant twinkle. Something nice about these Eye Shines is the soothing Calendula & Chamomile extracts which cool and calm the eye area, and also help in the easy removal of these glamorous shadows."

Luxury Fashion

(above) Fashion and entertainment e-zine Luxury Fashion evaluated the top options for lash enhancement, selecting Xtreme Lashes® as "a leader in the lash extension industry" and their pick for semi-permanent extensions. They directed their readers to find a trained stylist via the "great directory" on the Xtreme website.

LA Pretty

(above) LA Pretty, the leading beauty authority for LA, reviewed the Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiner in March: "I find that certain eyeliners can crud and not stay put where/when I need them too. However, I was amazed at how easy GlideLiner goes on. It's super fast and you hardly need to press the liner against your lids. Other brands may have you pressing firmly, but that's not good or safe for the eyes. GlideLiner only goes where you tell it."

Vital Juice

(above) New York's healthy living experts, Vital Juice, checked out Xtreme Lashes® with Certified Professional Lash Stylist Ria Houtas-Pagliaro of Lashtique in Greenvale, NY. Their take: "...waking up 'naturally' beautiful is priceless!"

LA Pretty Eye Shine

(above) Wishful Blinking Eye Shine™ is a big hit with LA Pretty, the leading beauty authority for LA. "There's no better way to make yourself feel Pretty than by adding a touch of glitter - that's why we love this new product from Xtreme Lashes® called Wishful Blinking Eye Shine™."

APP New Jersey Lash Extension News

(above) New Jersey's Ashley Park Press checks into various eyelash enhancing products on the market. Their Xtreme Lashes® tester says, "People say, 'What did you do to your eyelashes? They look great.' I get compliments all the time." Her Xtreme eyelash extensions were applied by Certified Professional Lash Stylist Robin Haney of Apropos Day Spa in Nashville, TN.

City Chick Lash Extension News

(above) Professional makeup artist Lora Condon gives a raving review about the Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiner™ Eye Pencils on City Chick Mag. "As a professional makeup artist, I love the GlideLiners™ because they go on so fast and seamless that it is perfect each and every time.  I used it on my client for her Good Morning America appearance and I didn’t have to do any touchups after the first application."

Dolce Beauty Lash Extension News

(above) Dolce Beauty recommends Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiners™ for smoky eyes like the stars. "So many celebrities are into rich, deep, eyeliners and bold lashes, it may make you wonder how they get that streamlined, yet smoky effect. One product that can help is Xtreme Lashes® GlideLiner™ Eye Pencil. These pencils feel so nice going on, no tugging or flaking at all. ... if I'm in the mood for a smudgy pencil look, this is the one!"

Bella Sugar Lash Extension News

bellasugar puts Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions up against other lash options on the market. Their final analysis after having Xtreme Lashes® applied by Advanced Certified Xtreme Lashes® Trainer, Ignacia Garcia, of Flutter Lash Studio in Chicago, IL: "Natural looking, long lasting..."

Style Me Pretty Eyelash Extension News

(above) Style Me Pretty, a website "for the style obsessed bride," includes Xtreme Lashes® by Certified Professional Lash Stylist Nikol Johnson of Fresh Beauty Studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL, as part of their bridal beauty tips.

Splash Lash Extension News

(above) "The impact of Xtreme Lashes® is often compared to an instant eye-life, but completely non-invasive." Splash Magazine recommends Xtreme Lashes® for "the gift that keeps on giving."

Glasgow Daily Record Lash Extension News

(above) Glasgow, Scottland's Daily Record calls Xtreme Lashes® "the creme de la creme of false lashes." Reporter Sally Mclean says, "it's a luxury, but it's one worth indulging in," of the eyelash extension treatment she received.

Explore Plastic Surgery Lash Extension News

(above) Acclaimed Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon, author and internationally sought after speaker, Dr. Barry Eppley includes Xtreme Lashes® in his Anti-Aging Strategies feature. "The eyelash extension procedure is painless and will not harm your existing natural lashes."

LAs The Place Lash Extension News

(above) XtremeLashes® Eyelash Extensions featured by LA’s The Place, the premier magazine for Los Angeles, in their coverage on the 9th Annual Latin Grammy Awards.

The Independent Eyeash Extension News

(above) The Independent's Dr. Feelgood weighs in on her experience with lash extensions from Xtreme Lashes®, "Eyelash extensions are the crack cocaine of the beauty world - once you've tried them it's hard to imagine how you could ever have been satisfied with plain old mascara."

New Girl KHOU Lash Extension News

(above) According to New Girl In Town, a feature from KHOU News Houston, Xtreme Lashes® are "what's hot and fabulous in the Latin Grammys swag bags".

Fashion Africa Eyelash Extension News

(above) "If you love the look of long lashes but want a more natural or lasting effect... invest in semi-permanent lash extensions," says Haute Fasion Africa's Lola Majo. Lola recommends Xtreme Lashes® to readers as part of her Beauty Tips.

Beauty In Real Life Eyelash Extension News

(above) Beauty In Real Life, part of the Total Beauty Network, reviews New Jersey Certified Professional Lash Stylist Skyy Hadley's "As U Wish Lash & Nail Spa" for their applications of "the gold standard of false lashes", Xtreme Lashes.

Makeup Minute Lash Extension News

(above) Makeup Minute's Shannon Nelson gives her thumbs up to Xtreme Length & Enhancing Mascara and presents photos for reader's to compare against other mascaras on the market. “ lashes do look thicker, slightly curled and a little bit longer than usual.

Jamaica Observer Eyelash Extension News

(above) “Xtreme Lashes® are the current Hollywood must-haves...,” according to the Jamaica Observer. Lifestyle Editor Novia McDonald-Whyte tells readers, “The finished look exceeded my expectations. They looked fab…” Certified Xtreme Lash® Stylist Renee Harper of Boca Raton, FL applied the lashes Novia raved about in her article.

Northwest Herald Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lash® Stylist Madison Smith of Mario Tricoci Salon & Day Spa in Crystal Lake, IL applied a set of Xtreme Lashes® to the Northwest Herald’s Geneva White in preparation for her wedding. Although I was blessed with naturally full lashes, the extensions made my eyes pop even more,” she said. “But when I really appreciated them was the next morning. My usually groggy, tired-looking eyes that always seem to wake up three hours after me were alert and open, as if I already had on makeup.”

Boca Raton News Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® Advanced Professional Lash Stylist Mikaela Fernandez of Ladylash Studios in Delray Beach, FL was featured in the Boca Raton News as “one of the most talented and respected eyelash extension experts in the industry.”

Hattiesburg American Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lash® Stylist Brandy Leslie of Sumrall, MS talks to the Hattiesburg American about why she loves being a Lash Stylist. Brandy applies Xtreme Lashes® out of Island Rayz in Hattiesburg, MS and Calley Hudson Salon in Oak Grove, MS.


Make Up Loves Me Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® Certified Professional Lash Stylist Skyy Hadley of Hoboken, NJ gives the FAQs on Xtreme extensions. For more on Skyy and her services please visit the website www.ASUWISHLASHANDNAILSPA.COM.


Health Central Eyelash Extension News

(above) Dr. Hema Sundaram reviews Xtreme Lashes® for “I investigated a number of companies offering eyelash extensions when I decided to start offering this service to my patients last year. I was impressed with the in-depth training courses required for Xtreme Lashes certification and the passion and dedication of company founder, Jo Mousselli, who is a Registered Nurse. Besides providing patients with low maintenance, naturally glamorous eyes all day - and all night - Xtreme Lashes have proven invaluable to my patients who have lost their lashes due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy for cancer. As one of these patients, a 43-year-old breast cancer survivor put it, looking like yourself again is an important part of the healing process.” Dr. Sundaram’s Lash Stylist, Rania Elbashir, applies Xtreme Lashes® out the Dermatology, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center in Maryland.

News 8 Austin Lash Extension News

Advanced Certified Lash Stylist Kate Merrick, of Betty Lash in Austin, TX, applied Xtreme Lashes® on them this way. Overall, the process was a pain-free way to long, lovely lashes!”

Beauty News NYC Eyelash Extension News

(above) In her quest for longer lashes, titled Mission Impossible: Luscious Lashes, Beauty News NYC writer Ava Mackenzie tried out some Xtreme Lashes® courtesy of Certified Professional Lash Stylist Skyy Hadley’s As U Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken, NJ. “…in just 90 minutes, my eyelashes went from little to lush – mission accomplished!” For more on Skyy and her services visit the website www.ASUWISHNAILSPA.COM.

ABC News Lash Extension News

(above) XtremeLashes® was featured by ABC News for applying eyelash extensions to celebrities in Beverly Hills on the weekend of the 2008 Golden Globes. Although the Globes did not take place as planned, stars still looked forward to this beauty enhancement for related events and parties taking place over the weekend.

Knoxville News Sentinel Eyelash Extension News

(above) The Knoxville News Sentinel checked out Xtreme Lashes® at Bella Salon & Spa in Maryville, TN. “…when you see celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lindsay Lohan or Madonna and wish you could have lashes like theirs, fantasy can become reality in, well, a little bit more than a blink of an eye,” says reporter Kevin Cowan after watching Certified Xtreme Lashes® Stylist Shari Sizemore at work.

San Antonio Woman Lash Extension News

(above) In ‘The Eyes Have It,’ San Antonio Woman interviewed Certified Xtreme Lashes® Stylists Katherine Elliot of Couture Lash Boutique and Eva Hein of Radiance Med Spa, both located in San Antonio, TX. “Both Hein and Elliott are proud of the distinction because Xtreme requires extensive training of aestheticians to gain certification using their brand before they will allow salons to purchase and apply their lashes.”

Overdrive Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured by Overdrive, The Entrepreneurs’ Organization eNews, for the company’s successes in the industry. ” Xtreme Lashes grew to 25 global franchises in two years… they developed a curriculum to teach beauty professionals how to apply the perfect set of lashes…”

Associated Content Eyelash Extension News

(above) Writer Yulonda Brown reviews the services of The Halo Salon, an Xtreme Lashes® provider, in St. Louis, MO on Associated Content. “Forget the store bought eyelashes and go for the professional touch! Xtreme eyelashes have received great accolades on radio and in print!”

Broadminded Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® President Jo Mousselli featured with Xtreme Lashes® provider Dr. Hema Sundaram on XM Radio’s ‘Broadminded’. Dr. Sundaram’s Lash Stylist, Rania Elbashir, applies Xtreme Lashes® out of her offices in Virginia and Maryland.

Edmonton Journal Eyelash Extension News

(above) “…when I heard that Peaches and Cream was introducing Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions, I couldn't resist the chance to try them out,” says Chris Standring of The Edmonton Journal. “I was thrilled with the results. It was more subtle than I expected and not artificial looking at all.” Chris’ Xtreme Lashes® were applied by Heather Wastle of Peaches and Cream in Edmonton, Canada.

Cosmetic Makeovers Lash Extension News

(above) “…to get natural looking eyelash extensions Xtreme Lashes seems to be the way to go,” according to the Cosmetic Makeovers article ‘Eyelash Extensions for Celebrities’.

Rutgers-Newark Observer Eyelash Extension News

(above) The Rutgers-Newark Observer checks out Xtreme Lashes® client India McMillon at her salon, Lash Out, in Newark, NJ. “One of the services offered by Lash Out is Xtreme Lash extensions… The lashes have also been worn by celebrities like Angela Basset, who wrote a testimonial on the Xtreme Lashes® website.”

Skincare News Lash Extension News

(above) “As with many things—like hair extensions and artificial nails—if it didn’t arrive when you were born or bred, you can have the next best thing—a fake (made to look very real) version,” according to this Skincare News article featuring Xtreme Lashes®.

Sun Herald Eyelash Extension News

(above) “Beau Rivage Spa offers services found at few other places in the Southeast, said director Michelle Kennedy. Among the unusual services it provides are Xtreme Eyelashes, where each lash is placed individually for optimum thickness or length…” according to the Sun Herald’s article on Xtreme Lashes® provider Beau Rivage Spa being named one of the Top 25 Spas in the country by Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Arkansas Democrat Gazette Lash Extension News

(above) “It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and in the womanly quest for beauty, eyelash extensions are the newest draperies,” according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette article ‘Eye-catching glamour.’ The article features Xtreme Lashes® applied by Cassandra Taylor of Ava Bella Day Spa in Little Rock, tips for care and an interview with Xtreme Lashes® President Jo Mousselli.

Cosmetic Makeovers Eyelash Extension News

(above) “If you're not happy with the thickness or length of your eyelashes… Xtreme Lashes are the greatest thing…” according to Cosmetic Makeovers.

Illinois Daily Journal Eyelash Extension News

(above) “As much as you layer on your Maybelline Great Lash or Cover Girl Lash Exact mascaras, you can't make those little hairs look nearly as perfect as Eva's or Latifah's.” says the Illinois Daily Journal. The real secret to long lashes like these is Xtreme Lashes® according to this feature story on the services of Certified Xtreme Lash Stylist Angela Handy of Giavannis Salon in Bradley, Illinois.

The Observer Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® makes it on to the Autumn 2007 fashion & beauty checklist of what’s in according to the oldest Sunday newspaper in the world, UK’s The Observer.

Aesthetic Industry Report Eyelash Extension News

(above) “Forget mascaras, fake lashes or the painful eyelash transplants,” the Aesthetic Industry Report recommends Xtreme Lashes® for adding length and fullness to your lashline.

Detroit News Lash Extension News

(above) Planning a night out? Detroit News recommends Xtreme Lashes® to look your best.

This Week In Denver Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® and Certified Professional Christy Malles of The Purple Flower in Denver, CO featured on This Week In Denver.

Fourpoints Magazine Eyelash Extension News

(above) Pageantry experts at fourpoints Magazine recommend contestants get longer lashes with Xtreme Lashes®.

Vanity Fair Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured by Vanity Fair Germany with Jennifer Nicholson, Fashion Designer and daughter of actor Jack Nicholson.
Au Feminin Lash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured on the French beauty site

Buzz of LA Eyelash Extension News

(above) Buzz of LA discusses the 2nd Annual “30 Under 30” event where Xtreme Lashes® was an official partner offering gifts and providing extensions for celebrity honorees.
Press Rebulican Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® and Certified Professional Dena Archer of Archer Body Works in Plattsburgh, NY featured on
SoCal Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured on SoCal, the Southern California Guide.

Washington Post Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in “The Washington Post”, read the article on
LAs The Place Eyelash Extension News

(above) Xtreme Lashes® and Training Director Noor Daoudi featured applying lashes for the Oscars in LA’s The Place, the premier magazine for Los Angeles.

My Nippon Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured on MYNIPPON Celebrity Gossip.
Metromix Chicago Lash Extension News

(above) Summer Jackson, the co-host of CLTV's "Metromix", tells ladies to “get ready to throw out the mascara and eyelash curlers,” in her story “Eye On Beauty.” Summer had Xtreme Lashes® applied by Ignacia Garcia of Chicago’s Flutter Lash Studio.
The Register Herald Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® and Certified Professional Sandra Farley of Premiere Lash/Hair Factory in Crab Orchard, WV featured in The Register Herald.
The LA Times Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in The LA Times applying eyelash extensions on ‘Dream Girls’ Anika Noni Rose for the Academy Awards.
LAs The Place Eyelash Extension News
(above) XtremeLashes® featured in LA’s The Place, the premier magazine for Los Angeles.
Agenda Magazine Lash Extension News
(above)  Xtreme Lashes® featured in Agenda Magazine.
Agenda Magazine Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in Agenda Magazine.
American Spa Lash Extension News

(above) XtremeLashes® colored eyelash extensions featured in American Spa Magazine.

Arizona Star Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in The Arizona Daily Star.
Focus On The Coast Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in Focus On The Coast from North Carolina.
Stellar Beauty Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® Lash Beauty Kit featured on
Toronto Street Fashion Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in Toronto Street Fashion.
Beauty News NYC Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in Beauty News NYC.
Baltimore Sun Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in the baltimore sun, read the article on
Watermark Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® featured in "The results? One's eyes definitely do appear brighter," says Jim Crescitelli of his lash extension makeover.
Worthwhile Magazine Eyelash Extension News
(above) In “An Eye-opening Look at the Eyelash Extension” feature by Worthwhile Magazine, Xtreme Lashes® is showcased for the superior quality of our HP-3 Adhesive. “The enduring hold of the HP-3 bonding agent is not the sole benefit of choosing to have eyelashes that have been attached with that adhesive. The HP-3 bonding agent in odorless. It is stronger than other bonding agents, and it dries faster.”
Inside Bay Area Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions featured on Inside Bay Area.
Toledo City Paper Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions and Lash Stylist Dara Gadzala, from Miracle Salon and Spa, featured in Toledo City Paper. "Forget those pesky eyelash curlers. There's a new path to noticeable lashes."
Behind The Chair Eyelash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions featured on, a popular stylist website. "...they are quickly becoming a necessity for women who want the latest in luxury beauty."
Agenda Magazine Lash Extension News
(above) Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions featured in Agenda Magazine for applying lashes to stars attending the 2006 Golden Globes pre-awards Showtime Style Retreat. "I watched like a voyeur as other celebrity personalities got eyelash extension treatments," said Agenda's Kaylene Peoples.
The Boston Globe Eyelash Extension News
"Here's beauty news that may have you tossing your eyelash curlers and heavy-duty lengthening mascaras," says Boston Globe writer Beth Cooney in her feature on Eyelash Extensions.
Laredo Morning Times Lash Extension News
Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions featured by the Laredo Morning Times
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