About Cleanse, Prime, & Prep

Every Eyelash extension application should start with proper cleansing, priming and prepping using single use disposable eyelash extensions products and supplies including eyelash primer, eyelash cleanser, and lash extension cleansing tools including sponges, applicators, lash extension brushes, under-eye patches and gel patches (pads), eyelash extension adhesive (glue) trays and more.

When used as a system, Xtreme Lashes lash extension pre-lash application supplies, specifically eyelash extension cleansing, priming, and single-use disposable eyelash extension application products, correctly prep and cleanse the natural lashes and the eye area, making it ready for eyelash extension application. By using only single-use disposable eyelash extension products created specifically for lash extension application, the highest standards in sanitation and safety are achieved, along with improved adhesive performance for faster lash extension application and longer lasting eyelash extensions – both classic single-layer eyelash extensions and volume multi-layer eyelash extensions.

One of the most popular and best eyelash extension products from Xtreme Lashes is the Cleanse, Prime, & Prep Replenishment Kit. Developed by Xtreme Lashes Master Trainer and Educators to accommodate 20 lash extensions applications, this holistic eyelash extension supplies kit simplifies a Lash Stylist’s shopping process by providing all the disposable eyelash extension application products and supplies in one easy-to-purchase kit. This high-performance package of lash extension supplies contains eyelash extension under eye patches (under eye pads), lash cleanser for eyelash extensions, lint-free sponges for eyelash extensions, disposable eyelash brushes, adhesive trays and every single-application/use disposable product needed to complete a full set of eyelash extensions or a Relash or Refill of Classic or Volume eyelash extensions.