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Tweezers & Tools

About Tweezers & Tools

Rest your hands and let your eyelash extension tweezers do the work! Discover the Xtreme Lashes Tweezer collection of high-performance Classic/Single-Layer™ lash tweezers and Volume lash tweezers specially crafted for all Lash Stylists of all skill levels. Our best lash extension precision tweezer collection is the high-performance ProComfort® Series. This innovative collection of eyelash extension tools, that ranges from lash tweezers to lash scissors, was designed to improve the application procedure by alleviating hand fatigue and tension commonly felt after long or all-day applications. Its lightweight, yet balanced design will result in improved accuracy, stability and speed.

One of the most popular Xtreme Lashes tweezer from the ProComfort® Tweezer Collection is the patent-pending ProComfort® Z-Curve™ Tweezer. This innovative eyelash extension tool allows you to effectively, ergonomically, and efficiently maneuver around the contours of the face. The unique custom Z-Curve tip improves access to the full lash line, even the hardest to reach lashes on the inner corner of your clients' eyes. The incredibly precise angled tip on this eyelash extension tweezer was custom designed to increase accuracy and provide optimal control while improving your pickup, grip, attachment, and speed of application. This versatile lash tweezer was designed for ultimate comfort when it works double-duty as a Volume Lash tweezer and Classic/Single™ Layer lash application tweezer. This lash tweezer features a lightweight durable Swiss-made stainless steel which reduces hand fatigue, perfect symmetry, ideal balance, and controlled tension. The custom, ergonomic design makes this the best eyelash extension tweezer for all eyelash extension application techniques and Lash Stylists of every skill level- from beginner to most advanced.

When performing all-day Volume Lash application, Classic/Single-Layer™ application or both, investing the best lash extension tweezers, scissors, or even magnifying glasses for eyelash extension application is essential for long-term success. Find your ideal Xtreme Lashes lash application tool by exploring products such as our Swiss-made ProComfort® Series Tweezer, Signature Series Tweezer, magnifying glasses for lash application, Air Cleanse (Air Purifier for lash application), and LED light for eyelash extension application, and more.

With the Xtreme Rewards Program, you receive 5-10% of your total product purchases in Xtreme Rewards™ Program Points that you can redeem toward the purchase of training programs, as well as a wide selection of products including retail displays and marketing materials. Call 833-LASHISTA or visit Xtreme Rewards Program Page to learn more.